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Title: Wiley Check your PM's
Post by: AKA_MattE on July 20, 2016, 12:48:58 pm
Wiley Check your PM's!!
Title: Re: Wiley Check your PM's
Post by: AKA_Wiley on July 20, 2016, 01:52:49 pm
 Yep I just did Matte thanks for the heads up I haven't been flying at all in months I have been doing a major overhaul of my house exterior, new siding ,windows ,Decks etc... I haven't hardly been on computer at all,i did fly COD last night for the first time in many months,atag has not changed any unfortunately, I fired my 109 taxi to runway for takeoff and get strafed and it wasn't a front line base either, jeez what a bunch of dickheads flying there,not sure what the big draw to atag server is, i cant wait till September when SOW is back online,i did take the command team position with SOW I wish we could've done it together but only I rep from AKA allowed so I guess ill give it a go and see how it goes its very good to hear from you as I haven't spoke with anyone in months missing you guys.....

 edit: I see Jerico and Scorp asked for our bases Ligescourt and Leharve I believe,so that's good I also registered AKA up as a luftwaffe squad about 3 weeks ago so that's done also now we just wait till September to begin.
Title: Re: Wiley Check your PM's
Post by: AKA_MattE on July 21, 2016, 07:59:23 am
That is great to hear that you took the command position Wiley, it will be good to have an AKA represented in the command structure.  You need to get that card installed and crank up DCS as well, time to get that Saber going!  When you have more time this fall there is another plane coming out that I think you should try, the F5  :D

I have been flying sporadically this summer, and most of my flying has been DCS jets, I am having a blast with them.

Title: Re: Wiley Check your PM's
Post by: HellCat (Sully) on July 22, 2016, 05:15:17 am
I've been setting up and messing with the CLoD 109's ....getting the hang of them,feels good to be back in the 109 been a long time for me ......Downloaded the quick start and manual for the F-5E ...looking forward to it ..... Actually getting used to the warthog stick too ...I keep going back and changing settings ....I'll be setting up and flying the saber this weekend ....the hardest part is setting everything up on the new stick  :D ....Hope to catch you guy's soon!

Title: Re: Wiley Check your PM's
Post by: AKA_BUCKY on July 25, 2016, 11:24:37 am
Excellent Guys.  Wiley, thanks for taking the command position for SOW.  I flew with Blasto Saturday night but have not had much stick time in COD otherwise.  Need to get the rust buckets out...LOL