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Title: Aug 4th Mission
Post by: Recon on August 04, 2013, 06:13:10 am
Who is leading us today ?

I'm 50% today on attendance:


I believe we are up at 2pm EST


Branch 1 Le Harve: 71st, OBT, AKA
OBT scramble Hurricanes from AW04 - Rouen Boos airfield to get to the frontline as quickly as you can.
AKA please take Spitfires from AP03 - Deauville.  Get at least one section of fighters there at top speed.

71st will start @ 2000 for this week and take a mix of Hurricanes and Spitfires from the bases listed above. You may join as soon as there is server space but please give 56 priority since they are smaller group and have a longer flight than you guys.

see the link for images, etc...

Title: Re: Aug 4th Mission
Post by: AKA_MattE on August 06, 2013, 08:23:50 am
Well all in all it was a tough mission but take a look at Grubers comments here (five posts down):


it seemed the pitched battle around Dieppe was costly for both sides, between us and the 71st it looks like we shot down 15 German aircraft.

I sure wish the Stats were working I would like to know what happened to Wiley Gos and I during the second sortie, I think there was a collision in there somewhere but I am not sure...

Title: Re: Aug 4th Mission
Post by: AKA_Goshawk on August 07, 2013, 01:05:21 pm
I don't know if there was a collision or maybe a duirect flak shot, in any event, I exploded as I was turning into that 109 we were chasing.
Fun mission!!

Title: Re: Aug 4th Mission
Post by: AKA_MattE on August 07, 2013, 02:18:57 pm
Honestly Gos I think either a 109 came in and collided with you and me (or hit me with cannon fire then collided with you) or one of the 71st guys hit both of us.  What I find strange is that I did not see any 109's around us when this all happened.