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Title: Wed. 10/19/16 SoW Rally Cry !
Post by: AKA_Blasto on October 17, 2016, 08:48:48 am
 Hey fellas! Been busy with fall home projects-aka "getting buttoned down for a mid-west winter"  - and haven't been online for almost 2 wks. That said- this Wed. 10/19/16- we should try to muster a group and put 71st on notice that they don't run Wed. nights!
 In the past we - imo- have started a bit late- and should try to time the server so we got online right as it re-starts. This is prob. about 7:30- 8:30 pm EST. We can run out of Crepon- or the much closer to England Liegescourt. This can be determined on the spot- that night- based on current intel and pilots present.
 This is the time of SoW that often needs a little push- and a little effort to participate. AKA is putting up a very good showing- due in part to Jericho being a complete juggernaut - and to the overall winner attitude that permeates this squad. If we can put up 5- 6 pilots this Wed. we can maybe p/u 2-4 more associated pilots- and both sweep the Channel- and put up a force that can handle the often large flights of the 71st- and their cronies.
 Lets try to keep on eye on the SoW server- and try to time our arrival with its re-start- generally a bit earlier than we have been.
Good luck fellas- and heres to hoping we get good numbers Wed. - take-off and land together- and ultimately have a great time flying Cliffs of Dover- in the challenging skies of SoW. Be there or be square... ;)

S!~ AKA_Blasto

PS: Also- a little earlier start also allows for a second sortie- which many times can be very fruitful- for kills and for recon flights!

Edit: Look's as if the server will restart at approx 6:30 pm EST...be advised!