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Title: Storm of War / Thur. 12/8/16 PM
Post by: AKA_Blasto on December 08, 2016, 12:42:20 pm
  Hey hey. Tonight it looks like its time for a little SoW! Triple points and triple the fun await. We have a full contingent of aircraft available at both Crepon and Liegescourt. I flew a 2 transport sorties Mon. eve- bringing in the 2 E3's I lost Sunday- ouch.
 Flew a third sortie with Badger- quickly found a large raid of Wellingtons near Calias-shot down two before getting hit hard- glided back to I think Calais Coquelle. The damaged airframe has ben repaired and guns recalibrated.
 Tonight- earlier than usual for me ( unless the wife has "plans" for me- in which case Ill be a bit later)- and join up on AKA SoW comms. Hope to see some of you there! And bring your battle face with- its going to be a blast-oh!

S!~ AKA_Blasto
Title: Re: Storm of War / Thur. 12/8/16 PM
Post by: AKA_MattE on December 09, 2016, 08:43:32 am

I was not able to get on last night until late and Thursday is normally DCS night for me.  How did it go last night?

Title: Re: Storm of War / Thur. 12/8/16 PM
Post by: AKA_Blasto on December 09, 2016, 12:07:25 pm
 It went good and bad. Storm of War has just a couple weeks left- so I'm trying to get as much stick time as I can.
Took off right at mission restart- no one else in the server- our AI raid coming in about an hour. Climbed out to French Point then over towards England- 7km. Got a wild hair- thinking - screw it- theres no one around- so I dove down and shot every one of the barrage balloons at Dover and Folkstone- nine in total. Small burnt left aileron- fast back to France- got near Bologne- decided to re-arm / replane there. Perfect landing. Mags off- etc- go out- uh-oh -cant replane- clock is ticking now 1 min- I quick jump back into my cockpit- re-start my lightly damaged BF109E3- and take-off into the wind- pulling flaps back up as I go. lol Beautiful. Badger joins comms- I land at Liegescourt in under 5-6 min.
 I re-plane and take off again in an E3- heading to rally with Badger at Cape Griz Nez. In about 5 min. he calls out a contact on radar inbound to France at about 6.5km. I spot the bogie- notice- almost at the last second- that its turned now into me hard and fast. I zoom in- Spitfire- still turning- not quite head on- I pull 10-15 degrees lead- off angle-head-on'ish- fire 14 cannon and 20 machine gun- blew off his left wing. I zoom and check 6 and aircraft status-np. With solid ammo and fuel- Badger now joins me at the point.
 I propose we then take a mid-channel sweep down towards Wilmington- stating that its about time for a inbound raid. We chat and fly along for about 6 min.- then he calls out 9 Blennies at 11 oclock. I look and instead see not just the 9 Blennies- but 4 escort -high on their 6. Badger has lead- he says he's in on the Spitties- which break into 2's rt away. I think to myself- these aren't rookie AI. He makes a pass- misses- then picks up two- the other two are close- but not that close- I get in tight and fast behind the ones on him- shoot one with machine guns- and then really pound the lead plane- using lots of machine gun- and cannons in close. Lead smokes and death spirals down- I hit another as it tries to find Badger again- damage No. 3- they get back on Badger as hes now on the Bleenies- his run ends with him running into a bomber. AS I was trying to catch him- I blow my rads- dang- and then climb whil I can. The enemy group continues on- I glide for 14 min. to the French coast and dead stick my aircraft to Berk. Whew!
 I hear Badger now is up from Poix Nord- hes found the bomber group. he then dives out- shot up- he dead sticks back to his field. lol
I'm now up- roaring at max climb- 7 min. later- I'm at 4km- spot 4 Bleenies rtb- over the Somme. I engage- using fast- in close bursts- blow the hell out of two of them with all guns- and then work on the last 2 with machine guns- dodging their bs gunners that touch mef up- but not too bad. No vis. damage- I knock out the last two's engines- and let them go near le Crotoy / W of Abville. All four went down. Not bad for two of us- all bombers down- I got 4 bombers- 2 Spitfire's and 2 damaged Spifires.
 Feeling like this has been a blast- I roll over inverted and break back to rtb to Liegecourt to land and call it a night- but then....
 "Launcher error" . Come on. Not now. Most of the time. So be it. But not right now! Not right after all that-come on.
I post a bs post on the Luftwaffe forum- then 30 min. later- deleted it- after my testosterone and adrenaline subsided abit. I turned off my computer, made myself a chamomile tea, small one with honey and lemon, and picked up one of my recent finds at the used book store - England: A concise history.
 This a.m I looked on the site- and my persona was restored. Not the aircraft- but at least mylife. Maybe somewhere one of SOW's excellent admins saw fit to give a brother a hand- deserving or not. So- there you have it Matte. Just another super fun- super intense- and somewhat calming early flight in the Storm of War- mid-week PM.

S!~ AKA_Blasto
Title: Re: Storm of War / Thur. 12/8/16 PM
Post by: AKA_Relent on December 09, 2016, 12:55:26 pm
Nice job Blasto - sounds pretty exciting.  Glad you got  your life back.  Sorry I haven't been able to fly CoD lately.  Very busy with work, and then with setting up the IL2 campaign and having to fix things here and there.  Probably spent the most time setting up this one than most other campaigns.  Also have been active with DCS, so unfortunately it leaves little time for CoD, BoS, etc.  Hopefully I'll have more time at some point.

S! Rel
Title: Re: Storm of War / Thur. 12/8/16 PM
Post by: AKA_Blasto on December 09, 2016, 01:12:11 pm
 Hey Rel. No- they didn't return the aircraft. In fact- I think it was Bucky's favorite- Ol' Lucky 711...oops...  :-[
Nothing I could do about it though- and I'm greateful just to have my persona intact at this point. Ill have to polish up Bf109E3 No. 692 for him. She shoots straight- sexy as hell - and will bring you home. Just like a good woman...hehe Until next time...wish you guys well.

S!~ AKA_Blasto
Title: Re: Storm of War / Thur. 12/8/16 PM
Post by: AKA_BUCKY on January 30, 2017, 02:15:33 pm
Hey...I just read this. 711 was a good bird.  Blasto, I've been looking for you in ATAG.  I know I'm bad....but I've been flying Spits!   
Title: Re: Storm of War / Thur. 12/8/16 PM
Post by: AKA_Blasto on January 31, 2017, 08:57:34 am
 Hey Bucky. I just read this again too. Kind of miss SOW. Ive been working 7 days- and having some Minnesota winter outdoor fun. ice fishing ( barbecue) , went down to Oklahoma and hunted wild boar - got three of them with my M1916 Spanish Short-barrel Mauser- chambered by the Spanish in 1960 in NATO 7.62x51 (.308Win). Iron sights- big holes in those hogs. Great fun- kind of dangerous again. Ill tell you about it sometime-always a story. Its fun hunting with iron sights on a 101 yr old rifle- those feral hogs had no chance.
 Ill try to get online and fly some ATAG this week- Ill look for you Buck. Until then....God speed!   8)

S!~ AKA_Blasto

Edit: Took this boar from about 80 meters -heart shot - found the heart blown off its arteries inside the chest cavity- arrrg.

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Title: Re: Storm of War / Thur. 12/8/16 PM
Post by: AKA_BUCKY on February 02, 2017, 02:50:42 pm
Sounds good Blasto.   I've been flying in BOS too.  Very cool sim but can't stay alive too long flying solo....LOL 

BTW... Awesome Pic!