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Title: Short Travels and short barrels
Post by: AKA_Blasto on February 02, 2017, 09:58:55 am
 Hey Wardogs. Its been awhile- in fact Dec. 22nd , 2016. The last SoW night. With Christmas , the end of a great Storm of War campaign, and work , New years , etc. - I haven't flown a single sortie. Been working 7 days a week- np - and just last week aligned schedules so I could dip out of state and again chase some feral hogs down in Oklahoma. 13 Northmen - aka Minnesotans - descend on an approx. 200 acre hog ranch- and chase hogs in and out of woods , fields , fence lines, coolies ( dangerous) , and anywhere these tasty destructive hogs go.
 This year I brought a M1916 Short barrel Spanish Mauser  / orig. chambered in 7mm - but was re-chambered in approx. 1960 by the Spanish military to the NATO round - 7.62 x 51 ( .308 Win). Again I decided on old school iron sights, and carried one of my .45's - a Glock 41 long slide with hot rounds. Got three of the hogs- all boars- and harvested 52 lbs., 53.5 lbs , and 87 lbs.- respectively- from these swine. One heart shot ( found the heart blown off its arteries inside the chests cavity) from about 80meters - one behind the ear shot - standing after a short chase- quick shot - down immed. - and then another approx. 70-80m shot thru some underbrush and a very small opening- belly / rib shot -then finished it with another to the head in close - about 20 M.
 Good fun- very interesting to see how many hogs are running crazy down south - imo- were they here in Minnesota- we'd have killed most of them- farmed the remainder- and started a pig leather business. Everyone got 3- some 4 - and we left the ranch with 48 cleaned and bagged pigs- to be butchered and smoked, roasted, made into sausages , jerkies, and devoured. Its about time for a modern rifle next year- for I had some long shots I could have taken- but with the shorty carbine- decided to wait and hunt in close. One pix with my Kraut $ss checking out a boar - killed with a heart shot- dropped dead on the spot. Good times. Note the "pussy-pad" I had my tailor sew onto my blaze-orange vest- from a 1940's era cowhand ranch coat collar- saved the sheepskin from that busted coat and re-purposed for firing 3.5 in 12gauge magnum rounds over and over. Love it. Take care guys. Tony

S!~ AKA_Blasto

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Title: Re: Short Travels and short barrels
Post by: AKA_Relent on February 02, 2017, 02:13:35 pm
Great story of your travels Blasto!  Thanks for sharing - now when Tai says "you swinehund!" I have a visual reference! :)

Good job on the shooting.

S! Rel
Title: Re: Short Travels and short barrels
Post by: AKA_Goshawk on February 02, 2017, 07:31:17 pm
Nice shooting, Tony. I'll bet that cooks up really nice, especially on a spit.

Great reading about the adventure.
Title: Re: Short Travels and short barrels
Post by: HellCat (Sully) on February 04, 2017, 08:59:02 am
Great story Blasto and congrats! Reminds me of when I went on a hog hunt with my Brother and a friend... we took bow's only! I couldn't believe how hard it was to sneak up to a herd of wild boar to get in bow range, took us all day to tag out. The guide told us that there was good chance that at least one of use would get charged by a boar and he was right. My Bro got on a really larger Russian boar and hit him three times and the damn thing wouldn't go down ...charged him and chased him around a tree .....he kept the tree between him and the boar until it finally expired...His boar was a huge Russian black boar the largest of the three we got.... Mine was a mix breed and had a red hue to the fur...we called him "big red" as the guide thought he might turn out to be the largest in the herd ....picked him out and spent the day stalking him alone .....finally towards the end of the day I was able to sneak up in rang and put an arrow right up behind the front plate behind the shoulder and into the heart....I caught him at just the right angle ...The guide said he rarely saw one go down with one shot from a bow as they have like a plate layer.. This bony cartilage is most commonly referred to as the boar's shield. This armor helps prevent the tusks of mature males from penetrating into there chest vitals when fighting ....That was a fun hunt and one I'll never forget! S~
Title: Re: Short Travels and short barrels
Post by: AKA_BUCKY on February 04, 2017, 12:30:08 pm
Awesome stories guys...
Title: Re: Short Travels and short barrels
Post by: AKA_Blasto on February 04, 2017, 07:27:36 pm
 Rgr that Sully. I butchered 2 hogs last year- and three this year. The hog's shoulder blade comes down farther back than you'd think- and some of the larger- more armored ones- the bone is thicker- as one can easily discern once you cook , smoke it, or just de-bone it-and actually look at it.. Off angle shots can not necc. richocet but the damage is less than you'd think. But for certain- that boney plate is no match for almost any well placed shot- or larger caliber. That said- Sully you are Achille's with the bow- and the beast trembles when they hear you afoot- or most import. , don't hear you- until its too late. I picked up two pieces of arrows while walking out there- and saw many more. The bow would be fun- and maybe even crossbow.
 I'd have to say the spine is quite large- and takes a great deal of effect to split it-I used a 18V cordless sawzall on it-  which shows how solid they are. But nothing gets away from a .308 semi- soft tip. Good hunting Sully.  Great to hear from you all- hears to you .

S!~ AKA_Blasto
Title: Re: Short Travels and short barrels
Post by: AKA_Jericho on February 06, 2017, 03:22:19 am
Good stuff Blasto ,

So the flavour of the season in modern long guns is the Howa 6.5 Creedmore ..standard and heavy barrels (cheap as chips even Cheaper over there will shoot out 1000yds more accurately than a 308 also a favourite of competition shooters ..dies and ammo are easy to get now...always hold on to the brass for reloading.

that's AU dollars too