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Title: Use of Radio in game during campaign
Post by: AKA_TG on October 21, 2017, 09:33:00 am

Title: Re: Use of Radio in game during campaign
Post by: AKA_Goshawk on October 21, 2017, 12:11:56 pm

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Title: Re: Use of Radio in game during campaign
Post by: AKA_TG on October 22, 2017, 02:33:38 pm
I know, I know. This is a hot topic but I am not trolling here!  I just want to have a discussion about the proper way to get needed info to everybody during AA and AG engagements in our campaigns. I thought I would chime in with some remarks and discussion of my own. In fairness to all I am speaking to myself as well. I may be a bitch sometimes but at least I am a fair bitch!
Heres a thought.

* Know your map and your position in the campaign. If you are lost,  (for crying out loud) be a fighter pilot and get un-lost in any way you
can and as quickly as possible. 

* If you get jumped alone don't expect much if you cant reliably communicate your position and altitude in the request. If it gets to that
(as it does for all of us) try to remember that no one can figure out your position better than you.
If you cant provide a reference immediately say "Stand by for position". If you are really stuck in the lurch tell them what you know, not what you see. huh?  For example "I was near the airbase but may have drifted south!" is far better than "I can see a river near a forest!"
"I'm near a river" doesn't mean a darn thing to anyone! Don't expect much from "I am down on the deck in the trees!" though if it's all you got hey, it's all you got. You can always hope it is meaningful at that moment.

* Never (ever) assume you are visible to your wingman. There are 50 thousand reasons why that is exactly NOT the case at that particular second in the dynamics of the situation. If you receive a call from your wingman "I see you, I am at your five" that is good only for a few seconds, maybe half a minute at best. After that leader cannot bet his life on this. Don't rely on stale data.

* On the other end, a wingman should not lose sight of his leader, ever, no matter what is happening! Obviously this is also not
reasonable so.. when losing sight, report this immediately in as short a sentence as possible. "Lost sight" or "no joy on leader" is
short enough.

* Once visual is lost wing should make every attempt to regain sight of lead, (EVEN at the expense of not engaging that nearby air target just yet.) To engage anyway puts wing at very great risk of flying even further away from lead, thus compromising wing doctrine. Sometimes shit happens but in general regaining visual on lead takes higher prioroty over engaging
* Once informed of wings error in losing sight Lead should immediately call out his heading and angels if flying formation,
If wing reports losing sight during ACM the lead should immediately report his pitch, turn direction and angels, followed by anything else he knows about his engagement.

* "I'm firing my guns, see me now?"   Lead should not assume that firing guns immediately makes him visible to wing. It does work about 90% of the time.

Ground targets

* Stale data : If lead makes a reference to an object on the map and describes it to wing and he reports he has "seen it" fine,  however
that does not mean wing will continue to have a visual on it. We all tend to assume the other guy has all this situational awareness once
we have instructed them and made a visual. Problem is, visual contact does not last more that a few seconds unless we have a long
discussion about it in level flight. Long discussions use up radio time(bad) and require docile flying(bad) to be successful.

*  Keep all radio chat simple and short
*  A location or object on the map is impossible to communicate in detail during ACM maneuvering or even during level flight. Only a short
description will do. It is not cool to have a complex discussion about targets relative to a referenced position during flight. If the description takes too long to communicate it will be lost. We are all flying our planes and looking around like crazy all the time.
Lengthy discussions about a target location are for briefings, not for in-flight instructions. Kidnergarden-eez is far more effective. A
target reference should not be more complex than for example; "Target is north of the reference by 1 km".


Title: Re: Use of Radio in game during campaign
Post by: AKA_Goshawk on October 23, 2017, 11:19:45 am
Excellent points, TG! Thanks for making them.
I know I have a tendency to be often quite verbose in trying to describe a target's location and will strive to improve.
Keep up the great work!

Title: Re: Use of Radio in game during campaign
Post by: AKA_Wayno on October 23, 2017, 06:10:59 pm
 8)Excellent comments TG! It sounds like you even had a combat Air discipline course!
Flying in combat is difficult. It depends on vision and oral clues. Hence radio discipline. The most important thing you can do for your Squadron is to know where you are at at  all times! "I'm at home base" is better than "I am over an airfield". I am over "BC13 airbase" is better, than "I am over home base". Do you see why?
The Finish country is difficult to find visually definitive targets. There is lake after lake, river after river, all over the map. It is difficult to keep the game map the right size for reference to fixed points. Always identify your positions with the Grid coordinates if possible, or extremely discernible physical map features like single easily identified objects or an object: "Island shaped like a fish", "City with large lake on North side, and road and railway running east and west".
The real problem is to know where you are,  we must track our position constantly. From the time you take off from Vishnevka until you arrive at a known physical position (over Ushkovo), try to follow the terrain clues you can observe on your flight path.
DIscipline, really means "ONLY SAY" what the "war machine" can use! Bullshit about how many tanks or bombers you killed hurts all radio discipline. The same is true of all inflight instruction. We all start our missions in command of our aircraft! We have Leaders, so lead! If you observe a difficulty in someone's flight controlling, wait until we are all on the ground to provide instruction! Every second you occupy the "Voice Channel", you prevent someone with important information from passing it on to fellow Squadron mates!
What is more important, "He is going high to the Left", or "We are engaged with 3 p-39's over BL05, Tosno, Angels 3"? The immediate situation affects what is correct in this case.
Improper things we hear: "I'm under attack"'; "He's killing me"; "I just shot down 2 of them"; "Who is in the plane that just took off?" "Who is in the plane that just passed me Head On?" "Is anyone at 20,000, feet wet?"
We all have to help to maintain Radio discipline!
Title: Re: Use of Radio in game during campaign
Post by: AKA_TG on October 23, 2017, 07:06:36 pm

Actually My bitching is towards Hang Not you Gos ;)