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Title: New 2.5 mission
Post by: AKA_Topgun on February 03, 2018, 08:40:53 am
Well ... ok ... this isn't exactly a mission.  I made mission last night in Caucus based at Senaki that has 2 of every aircraft just so I could see if I could put that up and be able to log in.  Took about 5 minutes to load (as opposed to my normal training mission which took 20).  I've been spawning into all of the aircraft this afternoon and I have noticed as I jump out of one and into another it seems to take longer each time so I wonder if they have some major memory leaks going on.  I will continue this afternoon when I get back from my errand running.  The mission has 30 unarmed trucks to the south to practice weapons on.  Will put an air target or two in but still have other things to do (radio freqs and maybe a couple waypoints for some aircraft).  This is mainly to test out your graphics settings and do some free flight and some light weapons practice in.  Once I have it fleshed out and checked will upload it to the Dropbox.

If we want to do the regular training mission (since Blue Flag appears to be borked) someone else with a better rig than mine will have to host.  Mine just isn't up to it at this point.