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Title: Project Appleseed Org
Post by: AKA_Blazin on March 28, 2018, 07:22:49 pm
Hey guys!

Been a while, thought I'd pop in see what all the air heads been up too! I've been hitting it hard at work and family seems to rarely let up. I signed up to this thing called an appleseed 2 day event and hit the field learning to fire some long guns. Used a 22 bolt action 80% of the time, then second day after passing the qualification test (search appleseed AQT, pretty tough) I hung the 22 up and grabbed a slightly larger 223 and cleared the red coat card!

Cherry on the top, got to lay down behind an M1 Garand and put 10 rounds down range hitting steel at 200 yards, I surprised myself using iron sights first time on something like that and rang the steel several times! It was a heck of a feeling holding that piece of history and getting a chance to launch a few rounds down a beautiful range.

Now back to work, got house issues to fix. Grabbin the shovel gotta dig up some water lines again this weekend :( Life! ugh

<br />(http://thumb.ibb.co/kiS6Pn/IMG_9859.jpg) (http://ibb.co/kiS6Pn)<br /><br />(http://thumb.ibb.co/mcgY4n/IMG_9846.jpg) (http://ibb.co/mcgY4n)<br /><br />(http://thumb.ibb.co/f0ahx7/IMG_9837.jpg) (http://ibb.co/f0ahx7)<br /><br />(http://thumb.ibb.co/fAbY4n/IMG_9826.jpg) (http://ibb.co/fAbY4n)<br /><br />(http://thumb.ibb.co/eP54AS/IMG_9796.jpg) (http://ibb.co/eP54AS)<br /><br />(http://thumb.ibb.co/e2hUc7/IMG_9790.jpg) (http://ibb.co/e2hUc7)<br />
Title: Re: Project Appleseed Org
Post by: AKA_Relent on March 28, 2018, 07:56:37 pm
Hey Blazin - nice work, some good groupings there.  That guy next to you looks fairly serious in that first pic lol :).  Looks like you had some fun.  Good luck with the house stuff, never ends eh?   Drop in when you get some time to join us air heads in the virtual skies.

S! Rel
Title: Re: Project Appleseed Org
Post by: AKA_Goshawk on March 29, 2018, 09:22:44 am
Very cool stuff, Blazin. Good shooting.
I've taken the liberty of using one of the images for your image on the squadron scrapbook.
If you want to provide me with a different one, I'll change it for you.
Let me know.

http://www.goshawknest.com/Scrapbook.html (http://www.goshawknest.com/Scrapbook.html)