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Title: The AKA DCS Aircraft Certification Challenge
Post by: AKA_Topgun on October 26, 2018, 06:53:31 pm
Gentlemen.  I am here to officially announce the AKA DCS Certification Challenge.

What is it?

The main goal is to expand your understanding and proficiency of an aircraft.  The side bonus is you get to brag to your fellow squadron-mates and, oh yeah, did I mention the chance of winning DCS modules?!  Lastly, as AKA starts to redo existing campaign missions, or makes new in-house missions or campaigns … it is likely that some aircraft will be limited in number for some missions so-as to prevent balance issues.  Those pilots who are certified in the aircraft they want to fly will get first choice of those aircraft slots.   

How does it work?

To begin you must contact me regarding the aircraft you want to certify in (out of the list of currently available certification programs).  The list will be pretty small to start with but will grow over time and I hope to have all of them represented eventually.  Once I have registered you into the program I will send you the first mission in the sequence which you will run as a single player mission and when it is complete you will save the resulting track and send it back to me to be reviewed.  You will get a scoresheet afterwards that shows your score, what parts you missed so you know what to work on, and if you are cleared to move on to the next task or if you need to re-fly that mission.  You can retake a mission as often as you want.  There is no set deadline that you have to complete the entire certification program in, but you DO have to submit at least one attempt at your current task at least once every 30 days to show that you are continuing to try and make progress.  Once you have passed the current task I will send you the next mission and so on until you get to the certification final exam test mission(s).  Once you have passed the final exam, you are certified.

What happens then?

Once you have completed a certification program your name will be entered into a drawing.  At the end of each ‘season’  (right now I’m thinking a season will last 6 months), I will post a short video of me drawing one name from the pot.  The winner gets their choice of ONE FREE DCS MODULE OF THEIR CHOICE.  (Excluding combo-pack deals).    If you complete more than one certification program then you get an entry for each one completed thus increasing your chances. 

When does this start?

I would like to officially start this on December 1st, 2018.  There is a possibility I may have to have a surgery sometime in the remainder of this year so if you submit a track for grading it may possibly take me up to a week to get it graded depending on what happens. 

What aircraft programs are available?

I should have the certification program for the A-10C ready to go by December.  Hopefully I will have the KA-50 program ready to go a few weeks after that. 

What should I expect?

Work.  This will not be 3 missions and done.  The point of this is not to know absolutely every last little thing that you can do in the aircraft, but rather just to be proficient in all important tasks that may be needed in a combat aircraft.  But that will still be a fair amount of tasks.  Some aircraft will have shorter programs and some will be rather lengthy (just depends on what it can do).  Bear in mind I will be available whenever possible to help train you up on any areas where you need assistance.  And if I am not available for a particular aircraft then I will arrange some assistance from another subject matter expert. 

Can I request the next certification program to be created?

If you have a suggestion for what aircraft to make a certification program of next please let me know.  If a particular aircraft gets multiple votes I will take that into consideration.  Bear in mind that the aircraft/module needs to be reasonably finished (so, for example, the Hornet would not qualify as it is still missing far too many components at this stage). 

Admins.  STICKY.  THIS.  POST.  :)

Title: Re: The AKA DCS Aircraft Certification Challenge
Post by: AKA_Gunfighter on November 23, 2018, 12:15:50 pm
I don't know where to find the list of certification planes, but I would like to try the challenge!!!
Title: Re: The AKA DCS Aircraft Certification Challenge
Post by: AKA_Topgun on November 23, 2018, 09:38:35 pm
The first aircraft on deck is the A-10C.  I was hoping to have all of the missions revamped and ready to go by Dec. 1st but I've been dealing with some pet issues for the past 1-2 weeks as well as some health issues of my own.  The 1st few missions of the sequence are done so I can get you started.  I just will have to finish some revamp work on some of the later missions.

The aircraft that will be ready to go after that will be the KA-50. 
Title: Re: The AKA DCS Aircraft Certification Challenge
Post by: AKA_Clutter on November 23, 2018, 09:42:27 pm
There was a poll to see who wanted what.  I will see if I can bump.

Title: Re: The AKA DCS Aircraft Certification Challenge
Post by: AKA_Topgun on December 07, 2018, 07:08:46 am
So the pet issues have thrown me farther off schedule than I planned.  Despite that, even though I am not done tinkering with the program I'm still declaring the AKA DCS A-10C Certification program open for applicants.  Please contact me if you are interested.
Title: Re: The AKA DCS Aircraft Certification Challenge
Post by: AKA_Topgun on June 24, 2019, 09:03:35 pm
So as stated earlier the seasons are broken up into 6 month segments.  We are approaching the end of season 1 (Sunday June 30th).  Thus far nobody has completed the A-10C certification training ... although I fully expected it may well take 2 seasons to get through it considering how many systems and weapons have to tested on.  We have had a few people make significant progress in the missions and I wouldn't be surprised if we have a couple of people with their names in the bucket to get a module at the end of season 2.  Don't forget, you can start at any time, you do not need to wait for the beginning of a season.  To those working on it, good job so far and keep at it.