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Title: F-14 Progress
Post by: AKA_Topgun on March 24, 2019, 09:01:16 pm
So I know a lot of us have picked up the Cat.  I'm curious where everyone is at with it. 

What have you focused on (pilot or RIO, or both)?
What things have you got down?
What things are you working on now?
What things do you have questions on?

This module will, without a doubt, require a lot more practice and training than most other modules to date.  So far there have been a lot of good videos (see the other thread with that listing).  But even with all those, it will still take practice.

Thus far I have focused exclusively on the pilot seat.
I have the startup sequence down and running pretty quickly now that I know what checks/tests can be cut out.
I've got airfield and carrier takeoffs down, and also 
ATA guns
ATG guns
CCIP bombing
Radio (manual and presets)
Once I started using bomb mode for ATA refueling I was able to take on 70% of a full load.  But this will need a lot more practice.
Landing at airfields isn't bad, but the carrier is another story. 
I just reviewed ILS system tonight and the ACL but haven't utilized it. 
Title: Re: F-14 Progress
Post by: AKA_SilverDevil on March 25, 2019, 04:12:51 am
I have some basic flight and ATA weapons touched. i seem to have a problem with visibility having the canopy wind screen frame in the way. However I can "sit up"" in the seat and see over the screen. it is probably just me. I did a training mission and got the first cargo plane pretty easily. Then I went off to face the two Floggers. I had a real hard time finding them. I would look and see them on the map and then look for them from cockpit view and spent most time flying in circles listing to Jester "RIGHT IN FRONT OF US! YOU GOT HIM!" where?...
Title: Re: F-14 Progress
Post by: AKA_Big10 on March 25, 2019, 06:25:06 am
Been working a lot with the RIO while Mo flies. Still learning
Title: Re: F-14 Progress
Post by: AKA_Topgun on March 25, 2019, 01:12:32 pm
Yeah Silver I had a helluva time spotting the fighters visually.  I set my HSD to show the TID so I could see the RIOs radar to get a better idea where they were and it still didn't help.  But that problem (for me) isn't just an issue with the Cat.  I have a heck of a hard time finding air targets in general.
Title: Re: F-14 Progress
Post by: AKA_MattE on March 25, 2019, 06:24:59 pm
I have been focused on the pilot seat so Far.  I have takeoffs and landings from airfields down and can land on a carrier but I need to work on the mechanics to be consistent.  I have A2A down as well, and I have been flying online with success. 

Next step is to increase my key bindings, get the startup set up on my warthog and flush out my voice attack profile. Then on to either RIO school or work on my Nav skills.

That said last weeks patch killed my Tomcat, the second I am locked by another aircraft's radar my game crashes.  There is a fix in the works, hopefully it will be out on Wednesday.   I have not flow the Tomcat since the issue started.

I also have some concerns about the radar on the Tomcat.  I set up a quick mission last week to test my voice attack profile and the radar (via Jester) cannot pick up one of the contacts until it is 10 miles away no matter what I do.  The target is a TU 22 flying in the opposite direction at 40,000 feet (my Tomcat is at 20K).  The Radar should be able to pick this target up at LONG range.  I am not sure if it is a bug in the Radar or if the Jester Commands are too basic to set the radar up to see it.  I have all the Azimuth and elevation commands set up correctly so I am not sure the issue, but I think I am going to have to learn more about the RIO position and the more detailed workings of the Radar to see if the basic Jester AI interface just cant get Jester to set the Radar correctly.   I think that Human RIO's are going to be a big plus for the Tomcat even with the interface.  I will put the mission in the drop box for you all to check out.