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Title: To curve or not to curve.
Post by: AKA_MattE on April 02, 2019, 09:08:59 pm
Well I looked at the track from Saturday night and I snapped my F-14’s wings off.  Unfortunately because of how fast it happened Tacview did not record the G-force value, but it is clear in the Tacview that I pitched hard to avoid the missile for a split second.  I had pulled over 9G’s in the fight before pulling my wings off, so I am wondering if there is a cumulative effect.  I did the same thing on Sunday in BF (at least I think, there as so much desync in the server I am not 100% sure).  But the biggest eye opener was when I didn’t rip my wings off, but it is certainly worth mentioning so I am posting in here.   I was flying at low level in an F-14 in BF just North of Gudauta in that narrow plain between the ocean and the coastal range, I was flying at full military doing close to mach 1 and was in a steady left turn moving to a north heading (towards Sochi).  That Coastal range has a steep rise to it, and I was a bit too close so I increased the backpressure to the stick and my smooth 5-6G turn shot up to close to 10Gs in a split second.  It was so unexpected I thought I had been hit by something or I had a mechanical issue of some sort, but when I released my backpressure there were no issues.  I have curves both for pitch and roll, at the time the pitch curve was set to 15 (which is not a lot) and I have now increased it to 20.. but I am starting to wonder if a curve is a good idea at all.  For those of you who fly RC aircraft you will know this set up as exponent or exponential curves, I set it on my elevators for all my sailplanes.  In case someone does not know what it does or the real “catch” that I think is messing with the F-14, a curve or exponent curve softens the reaction of the stick around the center but it increases the sensitivity after mid travel range moving towards full travel. I think what is happening is that increase sensitivity after mid travel causes pitch angle (AOA) to increase too rapidly.  I am going to try some different setups on the elevator and report back.  I am going to try a shallow curve (less than 10), I am going to go back to the liner set up, and I will try a shallow reverse curve where there is a little more travel around the center but it will soften at the higher end of travel.  It is also possible this is an aerodynamic feature of the Tomcat, I have experienced something similar on sailplanes with full flying stabs, or it is a bug in the model, but I don’t think this is the case

Title: Re: To curve or not to curve.
Post by: AKA_SilverDevil on April 03, 2019, 04:30:46 am
i have a little deadzone and 30 for curve. f14 not computer aided surfaces is hard to get used to for sure. most people agree that the f14 function much like the warbirds