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Title: After-action report, Tuesday 8/20/19
Post by: AKA_Goshawk on August 20, 2019, 07:23:52 pm
I flew another COD mission today, although nobody else showed.
In the first sortie, I took off from Poix Nord, headed toward the dam at LaHavre and encountered a flight of 6 Spitfires who spotted me on the deck near Rouen. Unable to slip past unnoticed, I jettisoned the bombs and engaged, getting some hits into two of them, downing one. I spotted a flight of 109’s on the plotting table and headed their way, dragging the Spitfires behind me. As I passed the group of 3 109’s, they turned into the fight and the Spitfires scattered. I returned safely to Poix Nord and rearmed.

The second sortie enabled me to sneak into LaHavre area and drop 2 bombs on the dam, destroying it. Heavy enemy air activity on the map caused me to divert to the north, so I decided to try and drop my remaining bombs on targets at Dieppe.

Enroute, I spotted a flight of 2 Wellington bombers returning from the north, followed by a flight of escorting fighters, who were about 10km behind. I jumped one of the Wellingtons and downed him near the coast. I dropped back to the deck and continued to Dieppe where I destroyed the high octane fuel and submarine fuel. As I climbed out toward Poix Nord, the mission locked up and kicked me out.

Not a bad day all in all.
Title: Re: After-action report, Tuesday 8/20/19
Post by: AKA_Goshawk on August 21, 2019, 09:27:09 am
Apparently news is still getting through in the occupied French territory. (Many wonder if there is any unoccupied French territory, but I digress.) I received a heavily coded message from Skewer, still hiding somewhere within the French countryside. We wish him a safe and prompt return. It reads as follows:

"Nice job again Gos <S>
There is a lot of experience and cunning in those missions. I found a lot of stressful pleasure in weaving through the enemy defences as you have done so well. Resting in a tiny rural French village after a day of sightseeing... Including a Chateau where art treasures from the Louvre were hidden from the nazi plunderers , as well as acting as liason for the Marquis. So much history dripping from every corner here.
Regards all.
Fight the good fight.
Hiding in a barn 😬

Title: Re: After-action report, Tuesday 8/20/19
Post by: AKA_Taipan on August 21, 2019, 08:30:17 pm
Good report Gos!
Well done.


Title: Re: After-action report, Tuesday 8/20/19
Post by: AKA_Goshawk on August 21, 2019, 11:01:16 pm
I found opportunity to grab another plane this evening and head out on another sortie. I noted that the front lines had changed a lot since my earlier flights, and we have pushed the Brits back across the channel.
I made two sorties into England, striking fuel tanks at Sheerness but getting shot down in the process by new batteries of AAA. The AAA has been heavily reinforced around targets now, so the war will be tougher to fight from here on out.
My second sortie found AKA_Blasto over England, so I teamed up with him to down a Beaufighter and a Spitfire. Headed back and landed for the night.

Title: Re: After-action report, Tuesday 8/20/19
Post by: AKA_Blasto on August 22, 2019, 08:38:59 am
 Good day all. I appears the TWC group has again changed their campaign map- with welcome additions to an older map. Since the end of the second campaign- all ground static aircraft and most aaa had been removed from the map- with slim to none air-air to engage. That said- we have found a way to locate and destroy numerous Allied assets. So - tonight was a bit different.
 Jumped on the server- and found Kendy  ready to go at Marqis West. Took off in a 109E4-B / 4 -50kg's - 72% fuel for luck - and climbed out over Cape Griz Nez- eastern morning sun illuminating my rumbling cockpit. Over comms I hear Kendy not far behind me0- planning a bomb run near the Dover coast. AS I pass mid-channel- 4km- I notice far more targets lined up on Hawkinge- Lympe- and Littlestone. I decide to break port to Littlestone - and after a shallow high speed dive - arm and drop all 4-50's on a line of 12 Wellington bombers. Luckily my drop is true- and blast 9 bombers- as intense flak touches my 109 up ever so slightly. "Littlestone bombers destroyed" pops up- and now Kendy calls out numerous hostile contacts in the area. As I prepare to climb out and position to engage superior numbers- hot tracers tear past my canopy- and tickle my wings. Human pilot- white winged Spitfire- TWC! I double barrel roll- skid my aircraft- Spitfire rolls over top and loses me in the 70-80 flak bursts. I dive  for 6-7 sec's- zoom over the top- roll into Spifires 5 - and burst fire machine gun into his fuselage. Spit breaks too hard- spins a bit- I roll back in- blew off his left side of everything- and he bails and  drowns. Ouch. Lucky for me - flak and a poor initial bounce - or I'd be hanging on some driftwood somewhere.
 Climb out- cruise to Hawkinge- and proceed to finish what Kendy started- the annialation of the base. He blasts the hangars- and I go guns on 6 Spitfires- we leave the base w/o a single target left. Rtb- re-arm to Marqis.'
 In the interest of time- and my work today- similar enagements thereafter- and it was nice to fly with Gos over the channel. TWC has made a good move by putting back in targets to find and destroy- and I think this game still has a lot to offer. Good times . Take care all.

S!~ AKA_Blasto
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