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Title: AA Gunnery
Post by: AKA_Knutsac on March 26, 2014, 12:37:20 pm
~S~ Fellas,

Got on ATAG last night and decided to give the AA guns a try.  Currently the only gun with a usable sight is the 40mm Bofors.  Jer and I each manned a 40mm at Hawkinge and had a grand time whenever the vulchers showed up...would have completely wrecked more than a couple of barrels IRL.  Lots of misses as I tried to figure lead and range on a 2D screen, but  I'm pretty sure I de-winged one 109...maybe damaged a couple of more.  Prior to getting on ATAG again today, I skimmed through this manual from 1943 (http://www.weapons.org.uk/smallarmstraining/downloads/uk/01-06-42-S1-43.pdf) and in half of a mission scored six kills (two were 109s trying to strafe my position...hit that f'er Drinkins right in the face with a 40 mike mike...Ha!).  If you're interested in trying the 40mm, I suggest you give this manual a read.  Just like in real life, manning AA is 95% boring waiting for something to happen, but when the Hun devils show up, lots of fun.


AKA Knutsac 
Title: Re: AA Gunnery
Post by: AKA_Jericho on March 27, 2014, 01:16:27 am
LOL had a blast with 40 mm .

Thanks for  shooting info Glad you got Drinkins well done

S! J
Title: Re: AA Gunnery
Post by: AKA_MattE on March 27, 2014, 05:57:29 am
How do you get into a gun?