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IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Possible Post - Steam Patch Cliffs:Blitz Fix
« on: March 26, 2018, 10:56:08 am »
 Hey fellas. Yes- there was a jacked update to the Steam platform- which in turn caused numerous Steam based games to not run- or to crash. Specifically- Cliff of Dover : Blitz.
 Its appears Sat. 3/24/18 - Team Fusion found a fix- provided it to the Steam team- who then applied said fix and corrected the undisclosed problem. Ok. Fine. But wait!
 Many of us had no fix- the game still would not load. So- I went thru a number of troubleshooting ideas- wont waste your time- but lastly found this to work.

Steam / Library / Games / Cliffs of Dover: Blitz / Uninstall ( Don't worry- the game remains somewhere within Steam) / clear cache in Steam downloads / re-install game thru Steam/ ( your settings in game should be saved automatically) - cross fingers - run game.

Hope this helps - it did for me. Questions? PM me or find me online tonight or tomorrow and Ill try to help in any way I can.

Good Luck !

S!~ AKA_Blasto
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PS: This post is also found in another thread- thought I'd separate it out.

IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / Whats the starting point with BoX - etc ?
« on: February 22, 2018, 09:09:30 am »

 Hey fellas. Time to give this a go. Where does a guy start with this? I saw some 50% off deals on B of Stalingrad and Moscow.
The premium packages have more it worth it? I know very little about these sims- and would like to start out on the right foot. Cliffs of Dover: Blitz and all its Team Fusion bandaids will fizzle out- or stay the same Battle of Britain fun-ness- but the future is BoX.  Hoping for some direction for my game purchases! Got my system up to snuff- now its time for a new challenge.

 Thanks guys!

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Joining the Luftwaffe Side in Ghost Skies
« on: March 04, 2017, 11:27:02 am »

S!~ Busy busy- short time- check this link for Sunday and request to be added to Luft. GL


General Discussion / Short Travels and short barrels
« on: February 02, 2017, 09:58:55 am »
 Hey Wardogs. Its been awhile- in fact Dec. 22nd , 2016. The last SoW night. With Christmas , the end of a great Storm of War campaign, and work , New years , etc. - I haven't flown a single sortie. Been working 7 days a week- np - and just last week aligned schedules so I could dip out of state and again chase some feral hogs down in Oklahoma. 13 Northmen - aka Minnesotans - descend on an approx. 200 acre hog ranch- and chase hogs in and out of woods , fields , fence lines, coolies ( dangerous) , and anywhere these tasty destructive hogs go.
 This year I brought a M1916 Short barrel Spanish Mauser  / orig. chambered in 7mm - but was re-chambered in approx. 1960 by the Spanish military to the NATO round - 7.62 x 51 ( .308 Win). Again I decided on old school iron sights, and carried one of my .45's - a Glock 41 long slide with hot rounds. Got three of the hogs- all boars- and harvested 52 lbs., 53.5 lbs , and 87 lbs.- respectively- from these swine. One heart shot ( found the heart blown off its arteries inside the chests cavity) from about 80meters - one behind the ear shot - standing after a short chase- quick shot - down immed. - and then another approx. 70-80m shot thru some underbrush and a very small opening- belly / rib shot -then finished it with another to the head in close - about 20 M.
 Good fun- very interesting to see how many hogs are running crazy down south - imo- were they here in Minnesota- we'd have killed most of them- farmed the remainder- and started a pig leather business. Everyone got 3- some 4 - and we left the ranch with 48 cleaned and bagged pigs- to be butchered and smoked, roasted, made into sausages , jerkies, and devoured. Its about time for a modern rifle next year- for I had some long shots I could have taken- but with the shorty carbine- decided to wait and hunt in close. One pix with my Kraut $ss checking out a boar - killed with a heart shot- dropped dead on the spot. Good times. Note the "pussy-pad" I had my tailor sew onto my blaze-orange vest- from a 1940's era cowhand ranch coat collar- saved the sheepskin from that busted coat and re-purposed for firing 3.5 in 12gauge magnum rounds over and over. Love it. Take care guys. Tony

S!~ AKA_Blasto

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IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / SoW Wed. 12/21/16- Operation Longbomb
« on: December 21, 2016, 12:10:16 pm »
 Hey hey. Looks like Storm of War 4.0 has finally found its end. Either tonight or tomorrow is the last day. That said- I'm free this eve. to fly- but have family over again tomorrow- Thur. 12/22 - so no flying for me- unless way later.
 Hope we can get some good numbers again like last week- fly together- have some fun- and shoot something. I'm getting on around 6pm EST - give or take. Until then- polish your brass and oil  your actions- because The Wardogs are about to growl real loud!

S!~ AKA-Blasto

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / SoW Wed. 12/14/16
« on: December 14, 2016, 11:53:18 am »
 Planning on getting into some enemy this eve in Storm of War. Hope you guys can make it. I hope my wife has wrapped the presents already- so I can get on early. Meeting on AKA -SoW TS. If its like  last week- it will be fun.  :) Only about 1 week left for SoW 4.0!

S!~ AKA_Blasto

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Storm of War / Thur. 12/8/16 PM
« on: December 08, 2016, 12:42:20 pm »
  Hey hey. Tonight it looks like its time for a little SoW! Triple points and triple the fun await. We have a full contingent of aircraft available at both Crepon and Liegescourt. I flew a 2 transport sorties Mon. eve- bringing in the 2 E3's I lost Sunday- ouch.
 Flew a third sortie with Badger- quickly found a large raid of Wellingtons near Calias-shot down two before getting hit hard- glided back to I think Calais Coquelle. The damaged airframe has ben repaired and guns recalibrated.
 Tonight- earlier than usual for me ( unless the wife has "plans" for me- in which case Ill be a bit later)- and join up on AKA SoW comms. Hope to see some of you there! And bring your battle face with- its going to be a blast-oh!

S!~ AKA_Blasto

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Call to Arms! Sun . 12/4/15 SoW
« on: December 03, 2016, 11:32:56 am »
 Storm of War- Ver.4.0 - will end in about 3 weeks. It has been a lot of fun- sometimes tough- and with some challenges. I think AKA has quietly made an impact- primarily in the outstanding juggernaut of a pilot- Jericho. Also- Knutsac has joined him in the very exclusive 50 missions / no deaths category- and made us all proud. That said- there are others who grind it out- and show up to make an impact- and really just to have fun.
 AKA has - as always- welcomed others to join in the fun- join our comms- and together- as a Luftwaffe team- fly and fight over the simulated English channel. I'm sure others have noted the leadership abilities of the excellent Wiley- Bucky - and er' uh'..well those guys-lol- who I see others squads drawn to. This makes for a stronger Luftwaffe - and the admins of the SoW can be found in our comms- imo wanting to fly with our small contingent of dedicated Cliffs pilots. WE don't always agree- be we generally always support each other- and follow the example that history holds to be true. Fly together, help your mates , don't leave anyone behind, and have a plan- if just a loose one. Also- fun and excitement is waiting - but generally after a longish sweep- or when you don't expect it.
 I believe it is out of respect for what the very capable admin Dietrich has done for this sim- that we support both him and SoW these last few weeks. I'm going to fly this Sunday- maybe this eve.- Sat. 12/3 - and midweek- where AKA has been absent for over a month.
I hope to see all available pilots online- representing both our outstanding squad- and our leadership team who has given their pers. time to this super fun sim- Cliffs. Until then...God speed.

Approx. mission time rally 1pm EST- some earlier- some later. Be advised that the server has been filling up- so earlier can be beneficial IMO - we should use SoW / AKA comms- as some of the 3/JG51 boys can be a bit stuffy about their tidy comms being ran by not just us- but others who follow AKA-/:^) Silence can be deadly- or extremely selfish and self serving.

S!~ AKA_Blasto

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Wed. 10/19/16 SoW Rally Cry !
« on: October 17, 2016, 08:48:48 am »
 Hey fellas! Been busy with fall home projects-aka "getting buttoned down for a mid-west winter"  - and haven't been online for almost 2 wks. That said- this Wed. 10/19/16- we should try to muster a group and put 71st on notice that they don't run Wed. nights!
 In the past we - imo- have started a bit late- and should try to time the server so we got online right as it re-starts. This is prob. about 7:30- 8:30 pm EST. We can run out of Crepon- or the much closer to England Liegescourt. This can be determined on the spot- that night- based on current intel and pilots present.
 This is the time of SoW that often needs a little push- and a little effort to participate. AKA is putting up a very good showing- due in part to Jericho being a complete juggernaut - and to the overall winner attitude that permeates this squad. If we can put up 5- 6 pilots this Wed. we can maybe p/u 2-4 more associated pilots- and both sweep the Channel- and put up a force that can handle the often large flights of the 71st- and their cronies.
 Lets try to keep on eye on the SoW server- and try to time our arrival with its re-start- generally a bit earlier than we have been.
Good luck fellas- and heres to hoping we get good numbers Wed. - take-off and land together- and ultimately have a great time flying Cliffs of Dover- in the challenging skies of SoW. Be there or be square... ;)

S!~ AKA_Blasto

PS: Also- a little earlier start also allows for a second sortie- which many times can be very fruitful- for kills and for recon flights!

Edit: Look's as if the server will restart at approx 6:30 pm advised! 

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Thur. 9/22/16 SoW
« on: September 22, 2016, 11:19:32 am »
 Looking to fly this eve. I'll be on around 7:30 p m CST. Bomber escort - or CAP near the French coastline.
Hope we see you guys online.


IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / SoW Wed. 9/14/16 -Spec. Event
« on: September 14, 2016, 08:55:34 am »
 Tonight SoW should be a bit busier and a bit more fun. A number of us are planning on getting together to fly at about 8-9 pm EST- give or take. Hope to see you guys in and flying. See the link to the SoW forum for the post regarding this.
 Lets try to give this phase a chance- as the last one ended abruptly amidst some BS. If everything isn't perfect- or you don't get your favorite plane, give it a go anyhow. Keep in mind Wiley is our advocate- and has both AKA's and SoW's interests in mind- so I say we give it the ol' AKA effort.
 That said - we are seeing far less action so far mid-week- which is a great time to get two-three bombers up with escort and  bomb their sh#t back to the stone age . Also a perfect time to recon targets- which also should be escorted.
 Heres to Phase 4.0- and here's to seeing AKA up this eve- or soon if you can make it!

S!~ AKA_Blasto

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / SoW Warm-up Tues. / Wed .
« on: August 02, 2016, 12:00:35 pm »
 Hey guys- thinking about flying this eve in ATAG- about 9pm EST. Flying German side in order to get ready to fly for the Luftwaffe in the soon to be SoW online campaign.
 I have been flying German a little bit- and find stick time very important with dialing in the BF109 guns- with the different angles needed to land strikes as opposed to the wider patterns with the Allied birds.
 Hope to catch you guys online either tonight - Tues.- or Wed. - or both! We load up the Blue side- and climb to 7-8km! B/z banzai for the Limey's.... 8)

S!~ AKA_Blasto


 Enough said.

S!~ AKA_Blasto     ???

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Greate Job Matte!
« on: December 03, 2015, 08:44:00 am »
 Heres to AKA_Matte for achieving 50 missions! We all were rooting for you to make it - and I'm sure you didn't have to cheat or game the game like some of the character-less Blue players / cheats. Great job!

S!~ AKA_Blasto   8)

 Hey guys. With the cold weather upon us- or some of us - I fly both Tues. and Wed. on SoW server after approx. 7-7:30pm EST.
The map rotates every 5 hours- so I typically try to get into the server right when the map rotates- so I can be at alt. when the first raids start to show up on radar.
 This eve. I'm going to again track the server prior to the change- and if too long- just join. We had some fun last night- many kills garnered from the RED side- and also took a beating from some vicious AI gunners!
 Here's to hoping to see you fellas online this eve. and / or tomorrow in the Storm of War server. Get some blasting in soon- as the server will re-set I believe Dec. 6th. Cheers!    8)

S!~ AKA_Blasto

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