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Once the map loads, the only base it shows is the blue base at Lille Lesquin. No red bases show up at all. If you click the blue base at Lille Lesquin only then do the other blue bases show up but they don't show as an actual base. You get that dotted circle icon thing that shows up on the map for each base, and you get a server message that says all the aircraft have been used up at that base and tells you to select another base. But you can't.

Problem is weird, can someone else check it out to see if your seeing the same thing as me? Post it back here if you can.

While testing the new campaign map in HSFX , I have found that the AI is almost unbelievably accurate and deadly. Both in the AI aircraft bombers and fighters, and in the AAA gunners on the ground.

Flew last night in a P-51D @ 8500 ft. about a 1/4 mile north of the German base at Dieppe. 1st AAA shot pinged me and the second took my wing off. As I said,  I was not even directly over the base and I got nailed.

Another sortie, attacked three AI bombers from the side, NOT from the rear. Second shot by AI gunners took out my engine and I was a glider.

Anybody else having probs with AI?

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