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Hey Scorp - assuming the AI didn't fly on RED due to the rain/weather, if it's configurable, do you think we might want to adjust so there are no rainy mission?  Otherwise it's a little boring with no enemy AI air opposition :).

S! Rel

IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 / Solomon’s ‘43 ready
« on: May 13, 2019, 12:39:30 pm »
Met with Tai this past Sunday and reset the campaign for Solomon’s ‘43, after seeing the poll results.

Everyone is on the Allied side.  The amount of Axis AI aircraft was increased, and Allied AI aircraft reduced to minimal.  Campaign is ready to go, or can be tested (backups were created).  One thing to note - there aren’t a lot of ship waypoints, so unless the allied commander goes a little conservative, against just AI this might be over fairly quick as allied shipping and invasion forces may capture at a rapid rate.  Last time we flew human vs human, so there participants on both sides hitting ground and ship targets, so keep that in mind.

S! Rel

IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / TAW starting Sunday, 5/12
« on: May 10, 2019, 07:52:58 pm »
Are we going Russian again?  Seems German registration is always way higher.

Change log:

Change log:
Improved AA in the depots and airfields. After many tests we have impression that devs have changed AA some time ago and now it’s not as effective as before. I’m going to report bug about AA because spawned AA (used in TAW) behaves different that normal AA.
New durability for buildings and vehicles provided by developers. But after tests we think there are bugs because you can still destroy hangar with 50kg bomb. I’m going to report this as well.
To reduce number of “suicidal” sorties there are 3 lives for each map (there are 8 maps in total during the campaign). If pilot dies, captured or disco his live counter is reduced by:
1 when he is in bigger team
X when he is in smaller team where X = #smaller_team/#bigger_team. Example: Axis players: 28, Allied players: 20 so X for Allied is 20/28 = 0.71.
             Every time “Lives on map” counter (shown in pilots hangar) <= 0 then pilot has 24 hours time penalty. After this penalty counter is increased by 1 so he may fly again.
Improved “balancer” algorithm. Number of pilots on one side depends on number of pilots on the other side. In general the ratio shouldn’t be bigger than 40%. Example: one team has 20 players so the other may have 20*140% = 28.  For small number of players (below 10) the limit for other side is about 10.  Max number of players for each side is 45 as before.
Queue system: after spawning on the airfield pilot is moved to:
Active list if there are free slots for that side (no over limit message). Pilot is clear to take off.
Waiting queue if there aren’t any free slots (over limit message). Pilot is not clear to take off and have to wait. He gets his position in the queue on the chat and must return to the briefing. As soon as there is free slot on that side pilot is automatically moved to the Active list and he is clear to take off (message on the chat). You can check your actual position in the queue by spawning on the airfield again.
               If Active list is full and there are waiting pilots in the queue then pilots with sortie different than ‘Landed’ or ‘On the ground’ are moved to Waiting queue on the last position creating free slot for others in Active list. This should make faster rotation between Active and Waiting players.
              Note: number of players on the web site includes all players on the server also spectators and waiting pilots.
            There is also additional queue for donators who have donated TAW server. This queue has bigger priority over Waiting queue so donator will wait much shorter to be clear to take off is team is full. Thank you for all donates! Without them there would be no TAW at all.
            There is also additional queue for admins with highest priority.
Axis may capture max 2 cities by paratroopers per map.
If your aircraft is damaged more than 30% then after landing it’s not available in the current and next mission.
If server is full and there is big difference between players spectators or waiting pilots on the last position is kicked to enable joining pilot from the smaller team.
New front-line algorithm with about 2km error. The previous one in some cases could have even 20km error.
Bailing out or crashing near enemy depot or airfield equals captured sortie. On the other hand the further you bailout/crash from the enemy positions the lower is probability of being captured.
Spanish translation thanks to E69_Qpassa . Remember to register on to see briefing and messages in Spanish during the game.
Improved clouds. Lower base level during overcast, slightly more two layers clouds (work in progress)
Registration is open.

IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / Spring BoX sale...
« on: April 17, 2019, 09:33:21 am »
If you don’t have BoK or are missing any collector planes, nows the time to pick them up :)

Dear Pilots,
The weather is warming up and the flowers are blooming, so it’s time to Spring into Action with our latest sale on Sturmovik products! Why be outside with all the pollen aggravating your allergies when you can be safely inside playing Sturmovik!?!? To help you fill up your virtual hangar we have the following content on sale in both the Official Store and on Steam for a limited time.
Official Store: April 12th to May 3rd
50% Off – P-40E-1, Mc.202, Fw-190 A-3, La-5 Series 8, Ju-52, La-5FN, Yak-1B, , Bf-109 G-6, HS-129 and Spitfire Mk.Vb
25% Off – U2-VS
33% Off – Battle of Kuban 
Steam Store: April 12th - April 26th
50% Off – P-40E-1, Mc.202, Fw-190 A-3, Ju-52, La-5FN, Yak-1B, La-5 Series 8, Bf-109 G-6, HS-129
25% Off – U2-VS
Due to special sale restrictions on Steam, the discount for Battle of Kuban is only available in the official store this time around.
If you own Battle of Stalingrad on Steam and would like to buy additional content from the Official Store, you can link both accounts and have access to all content when you play. See linkage guide HERE.
The Sturmovik Team

Thanks mostly to Jer's hard work, AKA was #3 (based on "net" kills, not total kills listed) on the top 5 tank killing squadrons for TAW season XVII :).  Great job Jer, all.. S!

DCS Series Flight Sims / Open Beta update
« on: March 27, 2019, 09:12:26 am » Open Beta update

DCS World
R-27R and R-27T DLZ is corrected.
Black screen flickering on the some video cards fixed.

Fuel Probe Model Adjusted to match real airframe
DMT can now track moving targets
MPCD Brightness control enabled

Added the following keybinds:
- Milpower and AB throttle buttons
- Canopy open and Canopy close discrete commands
- Landing gear lever lock on, off, on/off commands
- Landing gear lever neutral command
- RV-5 Radalt commands for each option
- Rocket salvo mode command for each option
- ASP-5 sight aiming mode command for each option
- Bomb release mode command for each option
- Parachute deploy cover open and close
- Cockpit temp selections
- Emergency brake on and off
- Nose gear brake on and off
- AGI -1 cage and uncage
- ARK-5 far/ndb band select
- ARK-5 near band select
- ARK-5 function select
- ARK-5 receive mode
- ARK-5 near/far select
- Main battery
- Bomb arm
- ASP5 sight cage
- RP5 radar telemetry
Fixed Polish Skin
Increased Cockpit Brightness
Fixed Gun Arming button animation
Instrument Textures Updated
Adjusted Rocket pods (ORO-57K) coordinates

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
Fixed flight model not reacting to damage values. (Fix did not make the last update)
Updated external sounds.

DCS F/A-18C Hornet
Added Latent Track While Scan (LTWS) mode with MSI coming next
Missing AGM-65F timing after re-arming is restored.
Correct sequence of bombs release from double rack.
Optimization of afterburner nozzles animation.
Folded wings produce bug on 2nd and other LODs fixed.
INS set correctly on Autostart.
INS alignment fixed.
Updates to IFF and datalink to include interrogation of already locked target

DCS Flaming Cliffs
Su-33. Fixed small jumps on carrier spawn.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Added new ejection seat to external model.
Added synchronization of the following systems to multicrew:
-Canopy (partially working)
-Radios priority
-Navigation priority
-VOR/TCN selector
-HSI course/heading selector
-Fuel test
-Emergency air brake
-Emergency landing gear deployment (working partially, only front cockpit)

DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations
Fixed very frequent CTD due to Jester sound missing.
Increased roll moment from missing wings
Increased drag due to aerodynamic damage
Decreased lift due to aerodynamic damage
Tuned thrust for better adherence to level acceleration tests
Corrected refuel keybind to support 2-pos and 3-pos switches
Prevent gun drum counter reaching 7XX
Prevented JESTER from turning off radar at the start of a mission
Limit the sidewinder seeker-driven HUD movable reticle to the HUD FOV
Implemented ability to hide the stick grip.
Tweaked IR signature coefficient in non-AB and AB.
Fixed typos in RIO keybinds
Made Sidewinder pattern scan slightly tighter.
Play sidewinder lock tone only when explicitly SEAM locked.
Allow SEAM lock from sidewinder boresight mode.
Don’t play tape player button sounds when changing volume
Added more FFB effects: trim, airspeed & G effects
Corrected inlet efficiency reductions
Corrected lack of weathering on all tail surfaces in default liveries
Fixed VF-103 Hi-viz spelling errors
Fixed Autopilot off keybind
Fixed JESTER going crazy and rambling during A2A refueling
Tweaked wing overstress logic.
Wings will now continue to sweep past 5g.
Added night lighting to CAP drum
Added night lighting to LANTIRN panel (known issue: too weak)
RIO helmet in cockpit now matches exterior
Adjusted AIM-9 SEAM lock tone to be less ear murder-y

IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / Congrats Jer - keep it up!
« on: March 12, 2019, 08:25:06 am »
Just wanted to acknowledge Jer on his efforts in TAW, currently the top tank buster.

37 and counting.  I don’t believe in jinxes so heck with that.  Let’s cheer him on - stay aggressive and stay alive Jer!  Plus as a squad we’re #3 on the list, let’s keep it going boys.

DCS Series Flight Sims / Changes to IFF?
« on: March 05, 2019, 11:27:11 pm »
I glanced at the mini-updates thread, and I watched one of the videos by Matt on the new datalink stuff... but I must have missed something.  Now, when I lock a target on radar (STT), everything is a diamond.  Is there something different we have to do to turn on IFF?  I saw on the left back console there is an IFF panel, and I tried switching the middle switch from off to the middle and then the upper position, with no change.  Anyone else figure out how to get the IFF back to show square for friend and diamond for enemy?

DCS Series Flight Sims / Cannot contact tanker from Mirage M-2000C
« on: February 23, 2019, 08:59:47 pm »
I saw this is mentioned in the ED forums as well, a confirmed bug in the recent OB update:

Fix here:

S! Rel

DCS Series Flight Sims / DCS F-14 Cold and Dark Startup
« on: February 21, 2019, 10:02:47 pm »
Geez, I do auto startup for most aircraft, you KNOW I'm going to do it for the F-14 - this thing's a beast to start up!  Even with Jester helping, I can see this taking 20 minutes LOL :).

DCS Series Flight Sims / Updated the AKA campaign #2 / mission #2
« on: February 17, 2019, 06:25:41 pm »
2/17/2019 - AKA_C2_M2_v10 (mission #2, version 10)
- Further reduced the number of units in each of the moving enemy columns (average around 7 units per now), to hopefully improve performance;  Since these columns are smaller, they will drop off pairs of manpads as they progress for additional protection from attack from the air (warning messages will be displayed).
- Rearranged the enemy artillery across the river to make them easier to spot (with the 2.5 updates there are a lot more trees, which were hiding some)
- Reduced the altitude of the AI Su25 recon aircraft which drop flares on enemy ground units, for better illumination
- Added spawn points for AJS-37, AV8B/NA (hot start due to TPOD point track bug), F/A-18C, and appropriate triggers
- Added KC-135 (boom) and KC-135 MPRS (drogue) tankers for AA refueling
- Added AJTAC Reaper over Zugdidi for lasing enemy units that have crossed the main Abkazia/Georgia road bridge

You can get it here:

Let me know if you can't access the file.

S! Rel

IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / BoX campaigns
« on: February 12, 2019, 06:41:24 pm »
Hey - FYI the BoX server controller's not working right, so I can't get the Normal or Expert campaigns to start via the scheduler.  So for now we'll have to make due with other BoX servers.

S! Rel

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