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IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Cool Breeze Blowing
« on: September 20, 2013, 06:09:22 am »

 As many of you know- year after year- we see low numbers flying during warm, beautiful weather months. With fun family activities, vacations, fishing , hunting , and basically outdoor sun soaking , many of us shun the 850W block of black- and find fun elsewhere.
 Yet now- a cool breeze is blowing- the fall and winter months will again find us nestled nicely in our virtual cockpits- climbing out over a morning haze off Deal- swinging in on 9 FW200's lumbering off Wissant- guns switch hot.
 Here's to seeing you guys in the next few weeks- and as always- both Wed. and Fri's historically have been great nights to fly on the very fine ATAG server- approx. 9pm EST- little before- sometimes much after.
 As we said many times .." AKA forever.." - see you Cliffs pilots soon.


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