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Mouse pointer stutters or freezes when you play certain games in Windows 8.1

General Discussion / Aircraft tests and statistics from another forum
« on: November 20, 2013, 07:47:28 am »
Some non-biased information about the P-51 versus other american fighters:

A few years ago, the Society of Experimental Test Pilots ran a flight test comparison of the F6F-5, FG-1D (Goodyear F4U), P-47D-40 and P-51D. Chief test pilot was John Ellis of Kal-Aero. Other pilots also participated.

The three radial jobs had versions of the R-2800 that produced appx. 2,000 hp, so differences in performance can be reasonably attributed to the airframe (and prop). The P-51 had a V-1650-9 Merlin rated at appx. 1,500 hp.

The P-47 had a Curtiss Electric constant-speed four-blade prop. The FG-1 and F6F both had Hamilton Standard three-bladed constant speed props (so only the airframe made the difference between these two). The P-51 had a Hamilton Standard Hydromatic four-bladed constant speed prop.

Because of the age of the aircraft, structural loads were kept to 6g max. Engines were fueled with 100LL, which limited MP by four inches on the radials. Power was limited to maximum continuous settings (except for
take-off & climb to 10,000 ft., when military power was used), superchargers were limited to low range. Altitude did not exceed 10,000 ft (so bomber escort altitudes were not reached).

Some of the findings:

CLIMB brake release to 10,000 ft.
Hellcat quickest at 4min 15 seconds, followed by the FG-1 at 4min 44 sec. However, the F6F required 100 lbs of continuous right rudder making it very tiring to operate. The P-47 trailed the FG-1 by a few seconds. The
P-51 came in last.

LEVEL ACCELERATION at 10,000 ft. using METO to max attainable speed:
P-51 accelerated from 110 KIAS to 242 KIAS in 133 seconds.
P-47 accelerated from 105 KIAS to 223 KIAS in 130 seconds.
F6F accelerated from 100 KIAS to 220 KIAS in 115 seconds.
FG-1 accelerated from 100 KIAS to 230 KIAS in 162 seconds.

STALL normal (straight and level decelerating at 1 kt/sec.) and accelerated (constant 3g turn decelerating at 1 kt/sec.)
Aerodynamic warning:
Best--P-47, with buffet 5 kt above stall.
Worst--P-51, no buffet or other warning.
FG-1 and F6F buffeted 2 kts above stall.
Decreasing aileron effectiveness and increasing longitudinal stick forces
were noticeable in all except the FG-1.
Height loss, accelerated stall:
Best--P-47, 100 ft.
Worst--P-51, 500 ft.
FG-1 and F6F both 150 ft.

Behavior during accelrated stall:
Most predictable and controllable: P-47 and F6F. Both could be flown at will into the pre-stall buffet, which at no time was heavy enough to present problems with tracking, and held at maximum usable lift coefficient with ease. Sideslip became noticeable as wing heaviness correctible with rudder. There was little tendency to depart controlled
flight. The FG-1 suffered severe airframe buffet shortly before the stall, but at the stall there was a strong g-break and rapid right wing drop--no matter which direction the turn. Careful left rudder could prevent wing drop,
but then at the stall the aircraft became very unpredictable, bucking and porpoising, with a tendency to a sudden departure. The P-51 gave no warning whatsoever of an accelerated stall. At the stall, the aircraft departed with complete loss of control, achieving 270-degree of roll before recovery. Departure was accompanied by violent
aileron snatch strong enough to rip the control stick from the hand. In short, the P-51 suffered from a Part I deficiency.

The F6F out-turned the other three by a conclusive margin (1g). The other three were all about the same.
Corner speeds of all were very close to the maximum level flight speed, implying very rapid energy loss when turning at the structural limit. The F6F was in light airframe buffet at 6g at Vmax; the P-47 experiencedlight buffet at 4.8g. The FG-1 and P-51 were buffet-free up to 6g.

MANEUVERING STABILITY stick forces/g at Vmax
FG-1--5 lbs/g (too light)
P-47--7.5 lbs/g (ideal)
F6F--12.5 lbs/g (barely acceptable)
P-51--over 20 lbs/g (excessive)

All aircraft except the P-47 exhibited moderate or greater adverse aileronyaw. Worst was the F6F, followed by the FG-1 and the P-51.

1g 360-degree right (left slower--F6F worst, P-51 best)
FG-1--81 deg./sec.
F6F--78 deg./sec.
P-51--75 deg./sec.
P-47--74 deg./sec.
3g 180 degree right (left slower--P-51 and F6F best, FG-1 worst)
P-47--66 deg./sec.
FG-1--58 deg./sec.
P-51--55 deg./sec.
F6F--48 deg./sec.

DIVING ACCELERATION 30 deg. dive from 10,000 ft., 5,000 ft. begin pull-up, level off at 4,000 ft.
Aircraft P-47 FG-1 F6F P51

Start Speed 110 kts 100 kts 100 kts 120 kts
Max Speed 350 kts 348 kts 315 kts 350 kts
Time 23 secs 32 secs 28 secs 25 secs
All aircraft except the P-47 needed retrimming during the dive.

g capture of 3g target, held for 5 seconds.
G capture and hold was easiest in the P-47, predictable and accurate. F6F overshot the target by 0.2g. P-51 and FG-1 both overshot by 0.5g

Heading Change Time (180 deg at METO, 220 KIAS at 10,000 ft.)
FG-1--8.5 sec P-47--9.7 sec F6F--9.9 sec P-51--10.0 sec

AIR-TO-AIR TRACKING 210 KIAS at 10,000 ft. (straight & level into a 3g turn to the left building to 4g followed by a hard reversal into a 4g right turn.)
FG-1 best, followed by P-47, F6F and, trailing badly, the P-51. Lateral corrections in the P-51 were difficult thanks to the very high stick forces. During one run-thru, an effort at a longitudinal tracking correction that put 4.5g on the plane led to a sudden departure and spin.Poor forward visibility in all aircraft (P-47 worst, FG-1 best) made air-to-air tracking difficult. Depressed sight-line aiming difficult to impossible.

AIR-TO-GROUND TRACKING (90-degree roll into a 30-degree dive from 200 KIAS at 5,000 ft. into a 3.5g right rolling pullout to a 90-degree heading change initiated at 2,500 ft.)
The P-47 was far and away the best, accelerating 125 kts in the dive, no retrimming required, with crisp control response. Accurate target tracking very easy. FG-1 next best. 100 kt. acceleration. Agressive lateral corrections required. P-51 similar to FG-1 in acceleration and
control response, but with heavier stick forces. F6F also accelerated 100 kts., but stick forces increased 20 lbs and rudder forces became so high they interfered with accurate target tracking.

MP response instantaneous. Hamilton Standard propeller response quick and positive. Curtiss electric prop (on P-47) sluggish in response, delaying RPM change by 3 seconds in a change from 2,000 rpm (cruise) and 2,550 rpm (METO).
Radial engines required pilot to manage cowl and cooler flap settings. Merlin engine had automatic control of oil and coolant radiator flaps. 

I haven't brought more than one plane home in these practice missions.... they keep getting wacked by either the blue side or ground fire . I guess we have to stick with BNZ still, the German planes just totally out turn fight the Russian planes too... IMHO  also, as usual only direct hits on targets damage or destroy ground targets.. (the ground fire is pretty tame, it's only when you go back 3 or 4 times, your chances of getting wacked significantly increase).

General Discussion / MOVED: CloD 109 'flip move'
« on: November 16, 2013, 10:31:20 am »

General Discussion / Michelin Easy Grip Snow Chains at Walmart only $8.00 !
« on: November 06, 2013, 04:25:39 am »
Michelin Easy Grip Snow Chains at Walmart only $8.00 !

had to order some, in case I have to drive through any snow,, my wife may want me to take my daughter up top Mt. Hood when she visits soon... And, if it happens to be one of those days... or if we get anything here where I live.. In the past I spent a lot more,, plus,,, if/when you need them in an emergency the prices can be jacked up 10x the average cost! and it's legal for them to jack them up..

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Changing mission map from season to another
« on: October 27, 2013, 02:40:45 pm »
I found I can take:


Summer map mission, open *.mis file, change [map]
line from the current map:

  MAP Land$English_Channel_1940

to: Autumn

  MAP Land$English_Channel_1940_Autumn
To Winter:

  MAP Land$English_Channel_1940_Winter

So, an existing mission can be changed from one season to another without making a totally new mission...
just change that line with the map, for the season of the map... using that map name.

anyone know how to fix mall tiny tears in leather sofa? We have new sofas, but the movers left scuffs and tiny tears, luckily they are not in places where you sit or touch..

I tried some leather repair stuff in the past, and it sucked, the brand that looks best is in Europe and I cannot find it here, called HBC system.. the ' 'on tv only stuff' can be bought at Walmart, amazon, ebay, etc.. but sucks,,, need black leather paint,,, might like small leather patch (very small, tiny,. for the back of one place..).. the goup in the kits dries and you have both dry with warm iron or without heat..... anyone have any suggestions... thanx

General Discussion / wwi-airfield-to-be-restored
« on: October 20, 2013, 06:35:53 am »

General Discussion / upgraded from Win 8 to Win 8.1
« on: October 18, 2013, 03:48:47 pm »
upgraded from Win 8 to Win 8.1
still putting a few things back the way I like them


anyone know where a good place with cheap prices for Whirpool gas range parts is
the gas safety valve is kaput..... need new one..
Whirlpool W10293048 Gas Valve
bastages want almost $100, some more some a bit less
best prices or eBay

TeamSpeak and Overwolf (Overwolf caused my joystick to have problems). I had to uninstall Overwolf TeamSpeak addon that comes with TS (option to load it while updating TeamSpeak.) It caused many of my key commands to screw up. if any of you have noticed  problems if you installed that option?

General Discussion / Hi Dogs!
« on: September 07, 2013, 06:16:18 pm »
Hi Dogs!

We moved, but still not using my computer,, but my wife's computer is up and running. I am very tired and will take a long time to unpack.

I am just outside of Salem Oregon.

We are pretty secluded, but still near the middle of a very small town.

We have fruit orchards next to us and a (Creek) which is currently 100 food wide river, with trout and Bass. The neighbor with the orchard grows nuts and fruit, and gave my wife a bunch to bring home.

I am too beat up and tired to go on, but will return to flying maybe in a couple of weeks.

The trip wasn't fun in that huge U-Haul TRUCK, IT TOOK A LOT OF EFFORT TO KEEP IT Straight UP, and the trailer straight. Some of the major Interstate roads are pretty bad. At one point North of L.A. coming down the North side of the Grapevine, the brake fluid boiled over and out. I called U-Haul, a mechanic came and said they had over filled the reservoir.. SO, all was well. The u-haul truck got about 6-8 mpg, the BMW probably got at least 30 mpg.

See you guys soon...


IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Buy one game for $10 and get CLOD Free
« on: August 26, 2013, 12:17:32 pm »
Buy one game for $10 and get CLOD Free

I saw this in the Banana forums
I don't know anything else,,
but looks good..

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