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DCS Series Flight Sims / Gazelle Auto Hover
« on: August 10, 2018, 07:23:17 pm »
I was one of the folks having issues with my Auto over last night, I found this:

Basically if you Fuel lever is not fully forward (on) you can't auto hover.  I do have Page up/down mapped on target file so I am sure that was the problem.


DCS Series Flight Sims / Update to Beta July 18th 2018
« on: July 18, 2018, 03:47:30 pm »
DCS Open Beta Update 7

DCS World
All terrains are updated.
Planes AI B-17G - collision during landing fixed.
RBK-500AO picture for all locales is added
Clouds generator changed to match Mission Editor settings more correctly
Radiomenu crash after triggered removing descent fixed
GUI error when loading template with linked unit fixed
Persian Gulf
Shiraz city, international airport and area added
Kerman city, airport and area added
Unique Gate Hotel Dubai added
New trees introduced

Night vision FOV shift with SSAA fixed
Trigger UHF_FREQ fixed

Second (third, fourth) client now can be spawned on 2nd (3rd, 4th) catapult when 1st CAT is busy
Radar in STT mode will not jump to another target without players action
Radar SIL and STBY modes realized
S (single) and R (Ripple) weapons loading options added
Selected A/A weapon is no more displayed on radar page in RWS mode
Night vision goggles added
COMM: Manually entered frequency will no more appears in channels settings
Random crash when F/A-18C spawned on carrier catapult in multiplayer fixed
Carrier ICLS system realized
Radar: roll and pitch stabilization system improved when user changes elevation by discrete button commands
DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Fixed autostart for SFM (engine was not starting).
Added Persian Gulf Quick Start and Single missions
Solved nav radio issues. Several nav equipment boxes were not working.

DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
Fixed crashing issue on aircraft re-initialization (respawn, refly)
Fixed crashing issue due to ELINT page dump
Fixed crashing issue due to Radar texture memory issues
Reworked overall Sidewinder seeker behaviour.
Increased Rb-74 (AIM-9L) all-aspect capabilities.
Fixed RB24J (AIM-9P) to be properly rear-aspect.
Added Next Missile selector (FRAMSTEGN IRRB) button to bindable controls.
Re-added kneeboard settings page
Fixed trim on ground start - now defaults to 3 degrees
Added realtime mirror rendering
Added clickable helpers to disable mirrors
Completed release candidate of flight manual
Viggen canopy glass now uses glass shader - compatability with Kegety's VR mod
Viggen canopy glass raindrop effect added
Overhauled night lighting
Improved accuracy of bombing sights

‘A-10C Shturmovik’ 11th mission fixed, targets can be destroyed more easy
‘Mi-8MTV2 Oilfield’: fixed bug with crashing of cargoes


DCS Series Flight Sims / Here is one that will be FUN!
« on: July 06, 2018, 11:24:31 am »
Missed this while on vacation! 

The MiG-23MLA

This plane will really round out the assortment!


DCS Series Flight Sims / Straights of Hormuz First impressions
« on: May 24, 2018, 08:26:23 am »
Ok I got the big update and massive map downloaded last night and took a quick cruise around Dubai in a Harrier weaving in and out of buildings and flying thru the gap at the Atlantis.  Over all my first impression is pretty good, the map looks good and I was just scratching the surface.  The main reason I chose to fly around Dubai was to stress test the map, I wanted to see what kind of frames I would get around the biggest city on the map.  My frame rates were in the mid to high 30’s with medium/high settings and they never really dropped below 30 which is pretty good.  There was the occasional stutter/pause but I see this on the other maps and I think it is a function of the new memory system.   Overall the experience was smooth, but I do have some concern with regards to online performance around Dubai.  I generally see a 5 to 10 FPS drop when online compared to offline (I didn’t have other units and aircraft set up for my Dubai flight) and that will be an issue with these “base” frame rates.  To compare both the Caucasus and Vegas I am in the Mid 40’s to Mid 50’s in terms of FPS with the same settings, even when I am at low altitude I get low to mid 40’s flying around the Vegas Strip (I have always been really happy how the Vegas map performs from the first day it was released).  I am not sure if the Hormuz map has some optimization work that still need to be done, or if it is just that much more demanding.  My theory, which I will test this weekend, is that with Dubai on the water and I have water set to medium, it is driving my frames down.  The Caucasus map has water but no big city near the water, Vegas is a big city but there isn’t a lot of water around (Mead is not that big compared to the Gulf) but Dubai is a big city right on the water and it might be a double whammy for frame rates.

Overall I am happy, though I might have to tune my rig a bit to get the frames where they need to be for online play.  2018 is a big year for DCS (as they said it would be) and I think it is just going to keep getting better.


DCS Series Flight Sims / Not this week...
« on: May 18, 2018, 08:10:37 am »

But hard dates, Persian Gulf Map May 23rd, F-18 the 30th!


DCS Series Flight Sims / Get Ready!
« on: May 11, 2018, 10:17:40 am »
"Both the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet and Persian Gulf Map for DCS World are coming this month! Please see our Hornet video update."


DCS Series Flight Sims / Open Beta DCS Update 1
« on: May 11, 2018, 08:04:54 am »
Open Beta DCS Update 1

Added new L-39 Kursant Campaign
dcs_updater added with locale support (EN, RU, DE, and CN)

DCS World
A-10A, A-10C. Corrupted TV display fixed.
Fixed CTD when Helicopter AI group landing on the ground..
The sun will not shine through the rearview mirrors.
ME maps. Fixed the captions that could be corrupted by zoom and moving.
MP. Changed the order of server IC options on client.
The player will not have the opportunity to see the usermarks of the opposite coalition.
Added option to use built-in to VR device mic and speakers or not.
The aircraft will not ignores the task via triggered action for changing waypoint.
Restored moonlight in the night.
ME. MLRS FDDM vehicle has been moved to Artillery category.
ME. Fixed GUI Error after deleting a unit when using the list box.
MiG-29S. The old R-77 launcher replaced with corrected new one.
ARM Kh-25MP. Minimum range was increased.
ARM AGM-45. Minimum range was increased.
Added new warning window with switching to OFFLINE mode.
AA missile R-77. Corrected data for launch zone calculation, turn off the loft maneuver.
Fixed incockpit heavy breath sound at high G.
ME. Fixed error caused using the list box of vehicles with appointed target mark.

DCS Flaming Cliffs
Corrected carrier arresting cables physics. Su-33 will not explodes if arresting hook contact with cable in backward move.
J-11A. Corrected pilot suit skin. Different skins will have its own pilot skin in F1 view.
J-11A. The HUD symbols will not place out of glass borders.
J-11A. The HUD language will depend by selected language in the options.
J-11A. Will be displayed on the RWRs of western aircraft as Su-27.
J-11A. Added customized cockpit support for J-11A
J-11A. AI and Flyable have no Su-27 sound effect fixed.

A-10A, A-10C. Corrupted TV display fixed.
Datalink restored.

DCS MiG-21Bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
Updated instrument needles to stop Z buffering.
Fixed ADI tape’s animation and 3D mesh.
Adjusted phosphor green glow to be brighter.
Fixed cockpit lights.
Chinese cockpit added by uboats.
HUD glass changed for visual enjoyment.
Canopy glass alpha channel adjusted.
Fixed landing gear strut lights from being on constantly.
Fixed material attributes on RN-24/28 bombs and APU-13MT rail.
Fixed 3D mesh vertical tail top section to be more curved.
Fixed non-rotating compressor blades.
Added PLAAF white livery by uboats.
Added Chinese localization for missions.

Corrected training mission MI-8MTV2-Training-Weapons.
Corrected instant missions Mi-8MTV2-QS-Convoy Raid and Mi-8MTV2-QS-Target Practice.

DCS NS430 by BST
Right Knob scrolling through letters randomly - fixed.

DCS MiG-15bis by BST
Corrected cockpit white lamps.
Corrected training missions.

DCS L-39
The behaviour of CB "МРП-РВ" when mission started first time corrected.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Fixed helmet glass in VR.

Added KC-135 Drogue Tanker AI
AG master mode selection improvements
USS Tarawa TACAN enabled
Armament control panel improvements and corrections
STRS Page update
Laser code input updated
AGM-65E handler enabled (WIP)
IRMV Sensor select bug fixed
TPOD THC select bug fixed
DMT sensor movement in LSS
Vapor effects initial implementation
ACNIP and Radio Control Set (Backup Radio Control functionality)
Cold cockpit switch position corrections
MPCD brightness glow/reflection added
EDP brightness knob functional
Cleaned up cockpit command params of unused duplicates
Engine stress damage overhaul (better indications as damage occurs, correct resetting of damage, more dynamic modeling of damage through RPM range)
Corrected inertia modeling of weight and balance with respect to fuel consumption and refueling
Corrected actuator movement rate of flight controls actuators
Corrected aileron effectiveness coefficients
Corrected COMM2 UFC knob not animating correctly and tied with water flow light on EDP
Added LODs for external model for optimization
Optimized collision model

Vortices/vapor effects
Cockpit clock bug fix.

A-10C The Enemy Within Campaign - missions 7 and 17 corrected.
UH-1H Argo Campaign - some missions corrected.
A-10C Advanced Campaign - corrected missions AAT10 - AG Missile Employment.
A-10C BFT Campaign - adjusted the altitude triggers make them work better.
Mi-8MTV2 Oilfield Campaign - fixed conditions of landing in missions 10 and 14.
Mi-8MTV2 Spring Tension Campaign - fixed condition of landing in missions from 1 to 9.

DCS Series Flight Sims / Getting to the Merge
« on: May 01, 2018, 10:32:17 am »
So since 2.5.1 there have been a lot of posts on the DCS forums about how the DM’s of the aircraft seem to have gotten tougher and how missiles seem more susceptible to counter measures.  I think the DM observation is due to ED trying to bring the FC3 aircraft DM’s up to the standard of the Third-party aircraft.  I have always felt that DCS was a little weak in the DM department and it looks like ED is trying to correct that. With this and missiles that seem to spoof very easily now I was able to get to the Merge a bunch last night and made for a wild time in Blue Flag.  What was supposed to be a 30 minute quick jaunt in BF turned into close to three hours with five kills (should have been six, I hit an F-15 with a 530 and a Magic and it did not go down.) of which two were gun kills and three of them were dogfights lasting well over 5 minutes.  Needless to say, it was a wild night in Blue Flag and one of the most enjoyable I have had.

I certainly hope this trend continues as it is making the combat (at least with the SARH missiles) much more of skill game and a lot of these jet jocks don’t have very good ACM skills!


IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / OK got it sorted
« on: April 21, 2018, 01:09:45 pm »
Ok I have the game running smoothly online again (FINALLY).  There was two things I did:  First was I moved the game onto one of my SSD's, it was on my Data/Backup HDD for a long time and so I decided to move it onto one of my SSD's to see if that helps.  The second thing I did was Validate my game installation.  Since I bought BOX originally thru Steam it has the ability to check the integrity of of the main game files.  The process did not give me any information about the state of the game but it did perform the check.   Between those two things I do not have the rhythmic stutters online anymore.  I still get small stutters when folks join a server and occasionally when it seems the game cannot keep up with Tracker IR, but I had those before 3.001



Seems premature but there it is.  Make sure you have enough room on your hard drive, looks like 100 GB.   

I am surprised that they went this route with the present issues but what can you do?


DCS Series Flight Sims / F-5E Certification
« on: March 26, 2018, 03:00:06 pm »
Top, Check your email:


DCS Series Flight Sims / 1.5.8
« on: March 14, 2018, 11:17:14 am »
Ok I want to bring this up, Who still has 1.5.8 still installed?  I think if most of us still have it we should go back to this version.  I know there are some guys who dont have 2.5 Beta and other who are having an impossible time joining multiplayer in 2.5 Beta.  For me it takes around 15 minutes to load 2.5 Beta multiplayer missions.

I suggest we use 1.5.8 until the memory leak is fixed for Thursday and Saturday,

My 2 cents


DCS Series Flight Sims / DCS 2.5 Open Beta Update 4: 3/14/18
« on: March 14, 2018, 06:17:31 am »
DCS 2.5 Open Beta Update 4
MP. Fixed issue when client can only see up to 5 ground units that are stationary.
MP. Ground units will be able to activated on client.
MP. Fixed crash on P-51D MainPanel:update_arguments().
MP. Client in multiplayer will see missiles of SAM launcher after its rearming.
MP. Fixed issue when player can't join server with password if he previously enter incorrect password.
MP. Stingers and Igla missiles will be visible for Clients.
MP. Fixed multi-monitor setup crashes when joining or hosting multiplayer game.
Speed indication on external view status bar will show more number positions.
Aircraft AI will take damage after collision with trees.
Enemy Within campaign. Added Doc folder and corrected missions.
Museum Relic campaign. Added corrected missions, version 2.6.
A-10C. Typo correction German A-10C manual.
Mi-8MTV2. Spring Tension campaign updated for DCS 2.5
Mi-8MTV2. Wrong reading of the working pressure in the hydraulic system fixed.
A10C Sturmovik campaign adapted for DCS 2.5.
Stryker M1128. Corrected machine gun position.
Corrected waterline level of several amphibious ground units.
NS430. 2nd ref wpt for user waypoints is calculated incorrectly when changing distance manually.
NS430. Approach data errors: KHND.
NS430. Menu button breaks Right Knob.
Updated and corrected Vegas tour missions.
Fixed issue when trigger zone can't be moved.
GUI. The open mission panel. Sorting order in mission list will be saved.
Increased max number of sound hosts for avoidance runtime errors in complicated sound conditions with many sound emitters.
L-39. Update training missions.
Fixed crash when player switches to another aircraft on the ship's deck.
Georgian Hammer with CA campaign adapted to DCS 2.5.

Looks like they fixed invisible units in MP (maybe).  Nothing about the memory leak...


DCS Series Flight Sims / Thursday Night
« on: March 08, 2018, 08:31:31 pm »
Hey guys, I could not get on until later, sorry about that.


DCS Series Flight Sims / Gone Red
« on: March 05, 2018, 03:40:57 pm »
With the lopsided player makeup on Blue Flag lately I had the BF admins switch me to Red.

Just an FYI


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