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IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / Re: Enemy aircraft identification
« Last post by AKA_Goshawk on Today at 09:10:15 am »
OK, let's go with friendly is always red then.
IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / Re: Enemy aircraft identification
« Last post by AKA_Relent on July 21, 2019, 09:26:39 pm »
Unless the bug has been fixed, that will just confuse things.  For some reason, if you pick USSR is always RED, when you look at the full screen map the friendly airfields show up as red, but the friendly ground units and production/storage areas show up as blue, and visa versa for the German side.

If the bug has not been fixed, I recommend you pick one of the others (e.g. friendly is always BLUE).

S! Rel
IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / Enemy aircraft identification
« Last post by AKA_Goshawk on July 21, 2019, 06:17:54 pm »
Per a request from Wayno, let's get it in writing regarding what color to use for friendly aircraft.

From the Main Menu, select Settings.
From Settings menu select Flight Interface
From Flight Interface menu, select RED USSR

Thank you.

download a program called windirstat. run it on C and look for heaviest folders and deem whether or not contents can be deleated. usually anything TEMP. uninstall what you dont use. then migrate. dont need to migrate a bunch of garbage. it will take less time obviously.
my c: hard drive is 350gb my ssd that will replace c: is 512gb. and when it formats it will loose maybe 20 gb or less. so I have a surplus of 150gb to spare after the transfer. and even then there is probably 100gb of crap I don't need on the old C: partition on the hard drive. right now my computer boots very slow, with the hard drive.

the most important issue would be to make sure the destination drive is same size or larger than the source drive. i am sure you have that covered. i have done this countless times with Acronis. my current computer is a refurb Alienware R6 that came with a 1 TB mechanical drive. i cloned it to a 1 TB SSD and then to a 2 TB SSD when space became an issue. good luck!
Anything to know before moving C: Drive (Win10 partition) to SSD drive ?
Using cloning software for the move of C:
Maybe by late next week I will install the new SSD (ordered 512GB SSD) to replace C: Drive C:drive is currently a partition (300GB) of a 1 TB hard drive, which has both Windows 10 and data.)
I will take it add it to D: using partition software.
The SSD will be 512GB C: drive.
The hard drive 1 TB will be D: E: F:
G: single drive
H: (only)
1)Sturmovik BOX
2)DCS Open beta

(back to C: (SSD) has DCS  release version.)

Total 1.75 TB (0.75 TB is SSD)

Plus 4 TB (USB backup and storage Hard Drive)
DCS Series Flight Sims / DCS Summer 2019 Bonus Sale!
« Last post by AKA_Ramstein on July 18, 2019, 01:35:40 pm »

DCS Summer 2019 Bonus Sale!

Dear pilots!

Starting at 0900 GMT on 18 July 2019 and lasting until 0900 GMT on 1 August 2019, we will have our Summer 2019 bonus point sale! During this period, you can use bonus points to purchase up to 50% of the price on all Eagle Dynamics modules released. For example: if a product is priced at USD 29.99 and you have enough bonus points then you can use them for up to a maximum value of USD 14.99, the remainder would need to be paid for as usual. (Heatblur Simulations and Magnitude 3 LLC are not participating in the sale).

Existing Bonus points will expire on 1 June 2020. Bonus points cannot be exchanged for ED Miles or cash.

On 1 August 2019 at 0900, we will launch the new ED Miles rewards system!

ED Miles are similar in many ways to airline miles and can be earned/awarded and used as follows:
Regardless if a product has just been released, is already on sale or in pre-purchase, you will always earn ED Miles on the price you paid for the purchase. For each purchase, you will earn 10% of the Purchase Price in ED Miles. As an example: if you purchase something for USD 29.99 you will be awarded 2990 ED Miles worth USD 2.99 on the DCS World e-Shop.
You can use ED Miles to purchase any product participating in the program, regardless if they are just released, already on sale, or as a pre-purchase!
There is no limit on the number of ED Miles you can use for a purchase. If you have enough ED Miles, you can even pay for an entire product just using ED Miles.
ED Miles earned are valid for three calendar years from the time of your last DCS World e-Shop purchase.
Note that ED Miles cannot be redeemed for cash or any other conversion, and a list of 3rd parties participating in the program will be provided at launch.
The Eagle Dynamics Team
DCS Series Flight Sims / DCS OB Update 7-17-19 DCS
« Last post by AKA_Ramstein on July 18, 2019, 01:31:15 pm »

DCS OB Update 7-17-19  DCS


Introduced F/A-18C Aggressors BFM campaign by Maple Flag

DCS World
AI Wingmen will no longer call out “Tally Bandit” if bandits are within 4km of each other, this is to cut down on the number of “Tally Bandit” calls.
Scripting Engine. Function coalition.getAllCargos and coalition.getStaticObjects corrected.
Bug with misaligned yellow boxes in tutorial missions is fixed.
Corrected Stinger MANPADS guidance.
Fixed bug when aircraft with Search Then Engage task attack Air Defenses when Air Defense checkboxes are unchecked.
Corrected Linebacker and Avenger SAMs exceeding elevation of missile trajectory that could cause a miss on low level targets.
Redesign of the Mission Editor MAP, SAT, ALT buttons in lower information bar.
Time setting fields restored in the AVI recording panel.
In the Mission Editor, when LATE ACTIVATION is unchecked - VISIBLE bef. ACTIVATION checkbox will be grayed-out (disabled).
Reworked Audio Settings volume sliders sensitivity. ’World’ slider now only affects external views.

HUD TD box now shows a hemisphere over it when both ownship and donor classify a contact as friendly.
Extending the landing gear after a belly landing will no longer cause an explosion.
Fixed loss of Gun use after firing off all Mavericks.
Zuni Rockets no longer pause after every 4 rockets.
Hydra Rockets no longer stop firing after 4 rockets.
PLID & STEP functions have been added to the SA Page - Currently WIP.
INTERVAL BOMBING in AUTO & CCIP modes has been fixed.
Wing fold function removed from auto start sequence on CV.
Pilot kneeboard is now functional.
Corrected NVG graphics artifacts.

DCS Fw 190 A-8
Adjusted gun sight glass tint.
Increase/Decrease RPM Mouse Tips in wrong place was removed.
Control stick connectors and lamp intensity animation added.
Clock connectors and animation corrected.
Added animation for the CB covers.

Combined Arms
Units will no longer fire unless they have a direct line of sight to the commanded target.
Adjusted the sound volume of the Igla MANPAD.

CTD when entering a new waypoint bug fix.
INS Stuck on invalid steerpoint bug fix.
EHSD not clearing after un-designating a target bug fix.
EHSD does not display range to waypoint bug fix.
EHSD Waypoint numbering corrected when using SEQ bug fix.
Kneeboard now displays the AWLS channel list.
RWR Codes updated to include J-11A and F-14B.

DCS M-2000c by RAZBAM
PCA/HUD logic modified.
Master Arm functionality modified.
MAGIC and CAN (AA guns) can only be selected by HOTAS.
Special modes switch functionality modified.
RWR Codes updated to include J-11A and F-14B.
Please see notes in ED Forums to learn about new PCA/HUD logic

DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
Reduced probability Rb15s fired in random group mode will target the same ship.
Removed invalid error-warning in dcs.log output.

Corrected training missions. For mission progress the trigger wait for specified command (gun trigger 2nd position), so if user have re-assigned Space key, training mission will stuck. This action replaced with "Start Wait User Response"/"Stop Wait User Response" pair for all such cases.

DCS Yak-52
Some gauges appear to stay dark even in sunlight - fixed.
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