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IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Re: After-action report, Tuesday 8/20/19
« Last post by AKA_Goshawk on August 21, 2019, 11:01:16 pm »
I found opportunity to grab another plane this evening and head out on another sortie. I noted that the front lines had changed a lot since my earlier flights, and we have pushed the Brits back across the channel.
I made two sorties into England, striking fuel tanks at Sheerness but getting shot down in the process by new batteries of AAA. The AAA has been heavily reinforced around targets now, so the war will be tougher to fight from here on out.
My second sortie found AKA_Blasto over England, so I teamed up with him to down a Beaufighter and a Spitfire. Headed back and landed for the night.

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Re: After-action report, Tuesday 8/20/19
« Last post by AKA_Taipan on August 21, 2019, 08:30:17 pm »
Good report Gos!
Well done.


DCS Series Flight Sims / Re: DCS Open Beta update
« Last post by AKA_Clutter on August 21, 2019, 06:10:11 pm »
Not much. I keep hoping for word on the KA-50 update or the F-16
DCS Series Flight Sims / DCS Open Beta update
« Last post by AKA_Ramstein on August 21, 2019, 11:01:44 am »
DCS Open Beta update

DCS World
ME: column width in units list saved between sessions
ME: read only mission doesn't corrupted now when user attempts to save them
Tasks ‘Follow’ and ‘Escort’ can be performed now at the ‘Takeoff’ waypoint
Fixed mass and type of the double rockets payloads (player’s A/C no more makes unexpected roll after rockets launch, rockets in twin payloads can be launched in salvo mode)

FLIR polarity switch no more affects on Maverick picture
AGM-84D Harpoon network trajectory fixed

Crash when user changed TAD profile after cold start fixed

DCS F-14B by Heatblur Simulations
Fixed black wings/TCS pod due to texture corruption

DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
Fixed ARAK rocket pods causing destructive aircraft roll

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
Completed multicrew canopies synchronization (fixed pending bugs).
Fixed multicrew canopies initial synchronization at cold start, and when 2nd pilot enters the aircraft (any seat).
Fixed canopies animation jitter when observed from another station in multicrew aircraft (external views only).
Partially opened canopy (canopy closed with locking lever in forward position, which means canopy won't close completely) is visible now in other station (client or server).
IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Re: After-action report, Tuesday 8/20/19
« Last post by AKA_Goshawk on August 21, 2019, 09:27:09 am »
Apparently news is still getting through in the occupied French territory. (Many wonder if there is any unoccupied French territory, but I digress.) I received a heavily coded message from Skewer, still hiding somewhere within the French countryside. We wish him a safe and prompt return. It reads as follows:

"Nice job again Gos <S>
There is a lot of experience and cunning in those missions. I found a lot of stressful pleasure in weaving through the enemy defences as you have done so well. Resting in a tiny rural French village after a day of sightseeing... Including a Chateau where art treasures from the Louvre were hidden from the nazi plunderers , as well as acting as liason for the Marquis. So much history dripping from every corner here.
Regards all.
Fight the good fight.
Hiding in a barn 😬

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / After-action report, Tuesday 8/20/19
« Last post by AKA_Goshawk on August 20, 2019, 07:23:52 pm »
I flew another COD mission today, although nobody else showed.
In the first sortie, I took off from Poix Nord, headed toward the dam at LaHavre and encountered a flight of 6 Spitfires who spotted me on the deck near Rouen. Unable to slip past unnoticed, I jettisoned the bombs and engaged, getting some hits into two of them, downing one. I spotted a flight of 109’s on the plotting table and headed their way, dragging the Spitfires behind me. As I passed the group of 3 109’s, they turned into the fight and the Spitfires scattered. I returned safely to Poix Nord and rearmed.

The second sortie enabled me to sneak into LaHavre area and drop 2 bombs on the dam, destroying it. Heavy enemy air activity on the map caused me to divert to the north, so I decided to try and drop my remaining bombs on targets at Dieppe.

Enroute, I spotted a flight of 2 Wellington bombers returning from the north, followed by a flight of escorting fighters, who were about 10km behind. I jumped one of the Wellingtons and downed him near the coast. I dropped back to the deck and continued to Dieppe where I destroyed the high octane fuel and submarine fuel. As I climbed out toward Poix Nord, the mission locked up and kicked me out.

Not a bad day all in all.
DCS Series Flight Sims / Re: DCS Open Beta 08-14-19
« Last post by AKA_Ramstein on August 18, 2019, 01:38:34 am »
DCS: Supercarrier Update

Since our last update on this eagerly awaited module, our team has been focused on several core features of simulation of a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier:

Creating the most accurate and detailed carrier model ever created for a flight simulation. This is not simply an update to the existing John C. Stennis aircraft carrier that we released last year, but rather a new object that is built from the ground up with accurate dimensions, high-resolution mesh and textures; animations for the elevators, antennas, defense systems, launch officer bubble, risers, catapults, jet blast deflectors, and more. The module will include unique skins for all ships of the Roosevelt sub-class that includes the Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), George Washington (CVN73), John C. Stennis (CVN-74), and the Harry S. Truman (CVN-75). Not only will there be the correct names and CVN numbers, but we also plan unique textures and deck weathering for each ship!

The Supercarrier will include the most accurate simulation of carrier communications you have ever heard in a game. This includes Case I, II, and III operations and unique voice overs for departure, marshal, approach, tower, the landing signal officer (LSO), and even messages over the 5 MC. Many of these parts are voiced by service members that filled the actual roles! We will also include the needed voice over files to support all aircraft types that have flown from a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, including the F-14.

To make the carrier deck feel alive, deck crew is a must. We are doing this through a combination of static-placed deck crew with animations that mission creators can place and fully pathed and animated deck crew that support launch operations from all four catapults. We are pushing this feature past anything that has been done before.

In addition to these three core areas, we are also working on / planning:
Up to 18 spawning locations on the carrier deck.
Flood lights in addition to standard lighting.
Long Range Laser Lineup System.
Barricade net.
Deck equipment like the crane, fire truck, and mules.
Detailed Landing Signal Officer (LSO) station with functional panels to control cut lights, wave off lights, manual ball control, and PLAT camera. This can be crewed while in VR.
“Burble” effect behind the carrier.
Air Boss station that can also be occupied in VR and allow control of the flood lights, barricade, and view the PLAT camera.
Immersive, 3D, Ready Room with functions to view briefings, load aircraft, view PLAT camera, vie the “Greenie Board”, view kill board that is tied to online statistics. All of this with a VR option.
Combined Arms support for steering the carrier and using weapons.
At this time, we have no release date or pricing, but they will be available at our very soonest.

DCS World Open Beta Update
For the second week in a row, we are updating the DCS World Open Beta. Highlights of the update this week include:
DCS World
AGM-154A now corrected for wind conditions.
Increased draw distance of static objects to compare to AI/Player objects
Increased draw distances of Map objects
DCS: F/A-18C
Added work-in-progress AGM-84D Harpoon in BOL mode.
AGM-65F IR Option WHT/BLK now only changes proper elements and not entire screen.
FLIR - LTD/R - LST Key Assignments now available in Options.
EXPAND will close when target is lost.
EXPAND will not affect the Radar causing loss of targets.
SCS Depress no longer controls Point/Area Track selection.
You can read the complete change log here
DCS Series Flight Sims / Re: DCS Open Beta 08-14-19
« Last post by AKA_Ramstein on August 18, 2019, 01:22:27 am »
Harpoon (AGM-84D):

You have to program each weapon individually and set all parameters 4 times, including the FLT and HPTP (if desired) options. That is as long as you don’t want to use the default settings (FLT MED, no/unboxed HPTP). Easily done using the STEP OSB.

Once all are set, a good practice is to cycle through all the stations again verifying that indeed correct launch parameters are set for each weapon.

Adding to the FLT options:

The lowest selectable setting "LOW" means the missile while cruise and begin to search at 5000 ft MSL - but only if you launched it from 5000 ft or above. You can however release the weapon at an altitude below 5000 ft MSL and it will cruise in that altitude (i.e. it will not climb to 5000 ft).

There is a limit though below which you cannot release and that is indicated by an "ALT" or "ALTITUDE" (can't remember exactly) indication on the HUD. Just climb a bit until the warning disappears and you are good to launch. In my case I released 4 Harpoons at around 3200 ft MSL and they cruised at that altitude until they found their targets and descended to sea skimming altitude.

Browsing the web I found a source stating that the lowest release altitude is around 2500 ft AGL. That seems to be close to what is currently implemented in DCS.
IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / Re: TAW started today, 7/28
« Last post by AKA_Relent on August 15, 2019, 09:36:12 pm »
Red again?  You guys need to fly blue for once...


Yeah, Red (Russian) is usually short, so it's usually what we pick.  However, it's easy enough to fly both sides if you want to fly Blue (German) as well.

For those who aren't 100% sure how to do it, simply:

- Sign up in TAW ( as Allied with your normal handle that matches what is on your IL2 Sturmovik web site profile at (e.g. AKA_Relent)

- Sign up in TAW again, this time as Axis, but use a slightly different handle that does NOT match your IL2 Sturmovik web site profile (e.g. AKA_RelentB)

- If you want to fly as Red (based on the above example), you are good to go, just join the TAW server in multiplayer, and click on a Russian airfield.

- If you want to fly as Blue, first go to your TAW profile page (  and log into your Red profile (e.g. AKA_Relent);  Change your username to a temporary alternate (e.g. AKA_RelentR), and apply changes;  Then log out and log back in, but use your alternate Blue user id (e.g. AKA_RelentB);  Change your username to match what you have on the IL2 Sturmovk web site (e.g. AKA_Relent), and apply changes;  Join the TAW server in multiplayer, and click on a German airfield.

- If you want to go back to flying Red, repeat the previous step, but now make your Red handle match IL2 Sturmovik and make your Blue handle the different one.

So basically you are swapping your "active" TAW account back and forth, which is the one that currently matches your handle on the IL2 Sturmovik web site.
IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad / Re: TAW started today, 7/28
« Last post by AKA_Relent on August 15, 2019, 09:22:31 pm »
Sign me up Rel!

Added you Bucky, glad to see you joining us.
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