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DCS Series Flight Sims / Re: DCS Training Videos
« Last post by AKA_Topgun on January 18, 2019, 07:54:06 pm »
Christen Eagle II Startup added
DCS Series Flight Sims / Re: jan 16 2019 OB update
« Last post by AKA_Ramstein on January 16, 2019, 12:38:45 pm »
DCS Series Flight Sims / jan 16 2019 OB update
« Last post by AKA_Ramstein on January 16, 2019, 12:31:49 pm »


Introduced DCS: Christen Eagle II by Magnitude 3 LLC

DCS World
Added P-51D to Greece.
AGM-88. Adjusted missile position on LAU-118 launcher.
Sound disappear after off and using cancel on settings is fixed.
T.Flight Hotas: user can't assign any command is fixed.
Fixed glitch on some video cards when pixel color is less than zero.
Sea shelf objects will be available as suppliers.
Fixed bug with incorrect fog covering and ground explosion effect.
Fixed crash with mission reloading when cursor was forced with Alt+C.
Fixed crash with mission reloading when shell smoke tail was present in air at this time
Crash on group destroy with engine shutdown event is fixed.
Crash on mission reload with active scripting timers is fixed.
ME. Fixed bug with Ammo tab of Naval group that changing on tab to Route in some situations.
Input. Fixed bug that caused black screen after reassign input and press OK button.
MP. Fixed aircraft jumping back on heavy packet loss.
MP. Fixed aircraft rubber-banding when recovering from packet loss.
VR. Fix glitch (large white area ) when high pixel density value selected.
VR. Possible fix for Samsung Odyssey crosseyed picture.

Fixed Easy Radio bugs, allowing use of Radio panel and SR Radio
Fixed English cockpit modelling issue
Fixed reversed Head movement of exterior pilot
Added new animation process for Instrument controls
Added new animation process Switches and Knobs
Fixed the pilot's animation of arm in full forward movement
Fixed visor showing when ejected
Fixed Sun glare showing on cockpit instruments
Fixed minor problem with Roughmet texture on the Vertical RWR
M07: removed the Hercules causing problems with taxiing
M10: corrected AI behaviour and fixed bug where bandits would crash one into another
M12: changed the starting time to 9am
Updated M2000C Afterburner effect

Added new animation process for Instrument controls
Added new animation process Switches and Knobs
Added New Pilot
Added New Pilot Patches
Added new helmet HGU-68/P to AV8B pilot with normal and Roughmet.
Changed Luas in Livery folder for new Pilot
Released M02 and M17 for harrier (trainings)
Fixed Easy Radio bugs, allowing use of Radio panel and SR Radio
Fixed spring loaded switches not working correctly
Fixed Chaff & Flares release when EXP switch is OFF
Corrected thrust calculations at low to mid engine power
Corrected relation to pitch trim to stabilator throw
Modified ASL behavior. Now it runs parallel to the pitch ladder

DCS: AJS37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations
Fixed missing texture for Rb75/T/B
Fixed issues with kneeboard. Some cosmetic issues still remaining.
Kneeboard now displays flight-plan of selected data cartridge.
Flight plans created in F10 map now supports adding time and speed, ie “B2 0.8” for Mach 0.8 or “M4 12:35:10” for time-on-target thirty five minutes and ten seconds past noon. Force speed works like it does in the Mission Editor, and not like in CK37, so setting a speed on B2 will have it use that speed from B1 to B2 and after, similar to setting speed on B1 manually in CK37.
Manual update, RC2

DCS C-101 by AvioDev
LAU-131 with M257 rockets (parachute illumination) does work now.
Payload does not remain in same position when the wing is detached.
Improved pilots’ animation and textures.
Fixed liveries folder structure.
Fixed ADI gauge glass.
Fixed issue with engine stopping when there is tail wind.
Fixed Sidewinder pylon.
Implemented MPR switch and corresponding light.
Fixed smoke system icons in ME payload page. They are now visible again.
Added C-101CC kneeboard (WIP) with tables for TACAN-DME channels and paired frequencies.
Fixed both EB and CC kneeboards.
Added localizer indication to C-101CC ADI.
Updated DEFA 553 shells (30mm instead of 12.7mm).
Fixed GS arm and capture modes of FD. It now keeps ALT mode longer, until GS deviation is closer to zero. No fly-up commands anymore at ILS capture.
Stall warning does not sound now with tailwind on ground, only when test is performed.
AoA indicator needle in C-101CC does not move with tailwind on ground, only when test is performed.
Reduced adverse yaw effect.
Increased yaw moment dampening.
Fixed ITT instrument marks in C-101CC. (Engine instruments indications are WIP).
Replaced Fast Erect label with Gyro Platform label in C-101CC rear cockpit.
Updated C-101EB kneeboard, and added C-101CC kneeboard with specific checklist and data, as well as table with TACAN-DME channels and paired frequencies.

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3 LLC
R-3x missile performance adjusted.
Calibrated altimeter’s precision.
Updated weapons’ panel texture (‘Easy Weapons’ option)
Updated radar ‘JAM’ texture.
Fixed shaking pitot while the aircraft is stationary.

Corrected wrong VVI indication on HUD
Crash when using Weapon.getDesc() on an Aim-7F from event handler is fixed.
Removed GBU-16 dual carry on BRU-33.
Added Instant Action Missions:
Caucasus FA-18C AGM-65F Maverick Practice
Caucasus FA-18C Paveway II Laser Guided Bombs Practice
Caucasus FA-18C River Run
Persian Gulf FA-18 Strike Fighter
Added HARM delivery in the Self Protect mode.
Fixed DUD cue for GPB/LGB.
Fixed FOV of AGM-65E.
Fixed TDC slew of AGM-65F.
Radar ACM modes switching corrected.
Missing Leading Edge Extension (LEX) Vapors restored.
Added COLOR option to Radar, DATA sub-level.
Added Maverick TTMR and IN RNG (in range) cues when seeker slaved to Waypoint Designated (WPDSG) point.
Added new, more accurate AIM-9X sounds.

DCS Yak-52
Large FPS difference from 2 Blade to 3 Blade prop fixed.

Assertion and crash when UH-1H main rotor is damaged are fixed.

Correct mass calculation in rearm menu.

L-39 Kursant campaign. Corrected missions of stage 6.
P-51D The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney. Removed the "player alive" success condition. Updated some docs.
Mi-8MTV2 The Border Campaign. Corrected mission 8 (Radio Hunt) where group of Mi-24 can not landing.
M-2000C Red Flag Campaign.
Mission 03: removed static F-15 blocking taxi route for Monster (UK Tornado).
Mission 10: fixed behaviour of AI F-5 and M-2000 so that they engage instead of landing.
A-10C Stone Shield. Adapting mission files under DCS 2.5.
Museum Relic Campaign. Numerous performance changes made to both campaigns.

Known Issues
- DOS-window appears while CE II libraries loading.
- Mirage M-2000C: springloaded switches doesn't work. You can download fix here:
- F/A-18C: AGM-65E can't lock target if it was uncaged after laser on
DCS Series Flight Sims / Minor Mirage bug in 1/16/2018 update
« Last post by AKA_Relent on January 16, 2019, 08:13:38 am »
Spring loaded switches don’t work in the Mirage in this update - Zeus posted a fix here:
IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Re: Squadron Cliffs of Dover Scernario
« Last post by AKA_Goshawk on January 15, 2019, 06:33:12 pm »
The TWC Campaign server has been updated to the latest version, but we do not have the password presently. It was changed. I'll post it as soon as we get it.
The TWC Mission server has not yet been updated, so we are unable to use it presently.
We'll be flying Thursday at the regular time.
Hope to see you then.

IL_2 Cliffs of Dover / Squadron Cliffs of Dover Scernario
« Last post by AKA_Wayno on January 15, 2019, 04:30:52 pm »
 >:D Are we going to update the Scenario(Server) on Cliffs of Dover that our Squadron has been using, or, do we use a new scenario for our Cliffs Squadron  fly days? It appears that the MODEL number has been updated for our Game? Anyone select a new compatible Server?
I don't know about the 19, but he mig-17 was huge in person, beautiful plane!
mig-19. meh it is between classes until phantom shows. then it will be cool.
I am holding off on the Mig 19 as well.  A combination of Razbam needing to get the Mirage and Harrier in a more complete state before I spend more money with them and the fact that there is only a few servers that this plane will be good on (really only the cold war server), along with me devoting more time to the A-10 and the F-14 when it comes out.  I am hoping in the future with the addition of some other aircraft there can be some more flushed out late 50's, 60's and 70's servers and campaigns.  The Syria map will make a lot of this possible, but I am wondering where is the Vietnam or Korea maps..

Yeah, saw the Mig19P video, looks about complete.  However, as little as I fly the MiG-15, I don’t see flying this module very often. I may pick it up when it goes on sale at 40% or more...
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