Author Topic: Congratulations and great job in Storm of War  (Read 827 times)

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Congratulations and great job in Storm of War
« on: December 07, 2015, 03:29:05 pm »
With the end of the Storm of War campaign “The Long War” I wanted to say congratulations to all the members of the AKA who participated, we had an excellent showing!  Just to give you an idea of how well we did here are a few stats.

We had the 11th highest sortie total of all the 65 squadrons participating with 632 sorties, yet we had the 5th highest amount of kills of all the squadrons with 364 individual Ariel Victories and another 287 Shared Assists!
When looking at the top 25 squadrons by sorties (JG4 had the most sorties at 2790 and =gRij= was in 25th place with 177) AKA put up some impressive numbers; AKA had the second highest Ariel Victories per sortie with a .58, the only squadron with a better percentage was No. 310 squadron with .60 per sortie, however when you count in Shared Victories (when a player gets 40% to 75% of a kill) and Assists (when a player gets less than 40% of a kill) we had a KSA (Kill, Shared, Assist) of 1.03 per sortie, the highest of any squadron in the top 25, the second highest was No. 310 at .92 KSA.  This shows what an outstanding team effort AKA puts into our missions.   Our Deaths per sortie was 0.084, and while only the 10th best of the top 25, we were still well under the average of 0.113 per sortie.  All and all some impressive stats, we were certainly one of the deadliest squadrons in the campaign.

As for Squadron bests, Wiley had the longest Streak with 65 sorties and 75 kills and 24 Shared/Assist in that streak.  Blasto has the most kills 104 and another 81 Shared/Assist for a total of 185 KSA!  Knut gets honorable mention here with 61 kills and 52 Shared/Assist for a KSA of 113!

Of course everyone put up some great numbers, as I mentioned before our acumen as a squadron was outstanding and our stats showed it; without a doubt  it was our strength.

Members of the Squadron who participated:


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Re: Congratulations and great job in Storm of War
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2015, 09:52:36 am »
 Good fun and a nice change from the same ATAG server for2 years. SoW has breathed new life into the Battle of Britain scenario- and the human opposition we faced very good- and the AI was the best I've ever seen in Cliffs of Dover- by far.
 Matte- please remember yourself! Both you and Wiley are the only two who made 50 sorties without a death- something not easily accomplished. You should very proud of that. Accidents- bomber gunners- AI trying to ram into you - the suicidal human German pilots on a one way trip- you guys dodged them all- great job. I'm sure it didn't hurt to have some of us fodder to fly with- wink.
 Again- great fun- and not as easy as some of the bubble-gum servers- much more to do with the correct addition of bomber waves- large escort fighter groups. Numerous times we came up on battle-groups of 20-24 ... in addition to their human escorts . The 30K ft battles with contrails everywhere were at least breath-taking. Good times.

S!~ AKA_Blasto    8)

PS: Hey - where did my sig go? hmmm

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Re: Congratulations and great job in Storm of War
« Reply #2 on: December 08, 2015, 02:49:35 pm »
Nice job guys!  I know I didn't fly a lot of missions, but those that I flew that had some action were all fun.  Hopefully the next thing going has some more consistent attendance on both sides in our time zones so the dead-time (no human opposition and little/no AI opposition) are fewer.

S! Rel

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Re: Congratulations and great job in Storm of War
« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2015, 12:54:09 pm »
Impressive - thanks for putting that all together Matte.

I think our leadership and planning while on comms was top notch.

My favorite part of flying sims is the teamwork involved and I enjoyed those missions where we all took off together and stuck together.

Job well done!

PS. we all want to thank the French citizens for pulling Wiley out of his smoking plane and getting him safely back to England, we thought we had lost him for good....