Author Topic: CoD flyers with MS FFB 2 and lose "return to center"  (Read 776 times)

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CoD flyers with MS FFB 2 and lose "return to center"
« on: March 22, 2016, 12:44:11 am »
S! Guys,

For anyone who uses a Microsoft Force Feedback 2 (MS FFB 2) joystick like me, the sometimes disappearing "return to center" force can drive you crazy!  It seems to be happening to me more often than not in CoD, and also in BoS.  With CoD, it seems often times when I press the trigger to fire the guns, the joystick goes "limp" and it really screws up my aim, etc.  I did some research and I saw this suggestion on a CoD forum somewhere, and finally gave it a try.  So far, it works!!

Now, my return to center doesn't go away in CoD when I fire the guns, even if I alt-tab out of CoD, and come back into the sim the return to center force is still there!  The only down side is that it disables the force feedback, so in sims that shake the stick during certain maneuvers (like stalling), it doesn't do the shake - you have to rely more on visual and audio clues that your aircraft is stalling.

However, it's easy to "undo" this tweak, and put things back the way it was if you don't like the change.  So far for me, I like it a lot - the return to center force stays the same whether you're on the ground or flying.  It takes a little getting used to, but if you're like me I'd much rather have a consistent return to center that doesn't go away, then having the force feedback effects.

The tweak required editing the permissions of a particular registry key, so if you don't feel comfortable doing this via the registry editor (regedit), it's understandable.  However, if you follow the instructions (this is for Windows 7, but I suspect it's the same for Windows 8, 10, etc.), there's no risk of damaging anything in your system.  Here's the process:

- Open the registry editor (click the "Start" Windows icon at the left of the start bar at the bottom of the desktop and type "regedit" in the text box marked "Search programs and files", click the regedit.exe to start it).

- Navigate to the following "hive" via expanding the folders under "Computer" on the left pane:


- Once you see the "OEMForceFeedback" folder, right-click on it and click "Permissions.."

- You should see "Everyone" under the "Group or user names" - left click on it to highlight it, then under "Permissions for Everyone" click the check box under "Deny" and to the right of "Full Control"

- Click OK

- Close the registry editor

Now, when you open CoD, BoS, IL2/46, DCS, whatever, you should notice that your MS FFB 2 joystick has return to center force all the time.  As mentioned, the force feedback affects have been disabled (via the "deny" permissions for "Everyone").  You can easily undo this by repeating the steps above, but when you right click on the OEMForceFeedback subfolder and click "Permissions..", just click the check box under "Allow" to the right of "Full Control" and you are right back where you were.

I was researching creating a script to do this but I haven't found the right commands just yet (i.e. regini.exe comes with Windows but I don't see that it does what I want).  So for now you have to manually edit this registry key permission.

I hope it works - works for me!

S! Rel

EDIT - here's a screen shot of the registry key, the path to it (in the status bar at the bottom), and the permissions dialog).

[attachment deleted by admin]
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