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HSFX 7 released

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HSFX7 is now officially released.

If the SAS link doesn't take you directly to the HSFX section scroll down until you find it [it sometimes acts funny for me]

well, first , Thank you for the Heads up!

they are having problems, links no longer work to download stuff.

but I see that the original il-2 with 4.12 patch still has an update, no sure when,, found a link to do that to bring the stock version to:

50mb size. direct link download

Guess we can update our own non squad versions once they sort it all out on the HSFX patch website..

Good stuff!.
Gents, please don't install this on your "campaign" version of HSFX until
1. This campaign concludes; and
2. We have had a chance to look into this.



SAS Team

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Re: HSFX Version 7.0 released
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just installed it (with the extra hfxsound sfs files) and have it working OK.
Will try to add some SAS mods like Pablos MissionPro, Map Mod etc. 
But I'm sure Guy (Bravo) will do another new mixed 4.12 install .. 
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Downloaded and installed - exploring it now.

New cockpit for the B-17.


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