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Guns and ammo
« on: December 08, 2013, 08:19:29 am »
Gun Firing

“It’s grand to sit there and hear a noise like taut canvas ripping as the eight guns send out flashing white streaks towards their objective.”  (“Ten Fighter Boys”; 1942; Pg 32)

“Closing to about 300 or 400 yards, I opened fire, the bullets roared out over the noise of the engine.  They don’t rattle like an ordinary Army Vickers gun.  No sir!  When eight Brownings open fire – what a thrill!  The smoke whips back into the cockpit and sends a thrill running down your spine.”  (“Ten Fighter Boys”; 1942; Pg 49)

 â€œMy right thumb felt for the firing button on the stick and pressed it.  A muffled “B-r-r-r-p” came from the wings and I felt the aircraft check slightly as eight streams of tracer spanned the space between us.”  (“Spitfire: The experiences of a Battle of Britain fighter pilot” by Brian Lane; 1942; Pg 49)

“I pressed the firing button.  The muffled “Br-r-r-r-p” of the guns came to my ears as streams of tracer leaped from the wings…”  (“Spitfire: The experiences of a Battle of Britain fighter pilot” by Brian Lane; 1942; Pg 93)

“I squeezed the firing button with my thumb.  B-r-r-rup-pup-u-pup!  The sound came to me muffled by my heavy helmet, and I could feel the Spitfire shudder and slow from the recoil as the eight Browning guns snarled and barked their terrific staccato.”  (“Tally-Ho! Yankee in a Spitfire” by Arthur Donahue; 1941; Pg 39-40)

“It was only half a burst, because I ran out of ammunition with a hiss of compressed air.”  (“Fighter Pilot” by Paul Richey; 1941; Pg 137)

“…I pressed the button. There was a smooth trembling of my Hurricane as the eight-gun squirt shot out. I gave him a two-second burst and then another. Cordite fumes blew back into the cockpit, making an acrid mixture with the smell of hot oil and the air-compressors.”  (“Their Finest Hour: First-Hand Narratives of the War in England” as cited at "Battle of Britain, 1940,"

“…I fired my guns and was comforted to feel the shudder of the aircraft and to see the converging streams of incendiaries spurt out ahead.”  (“Fighter Pilot” by Paul Richey; 1941; Pg 57)

“…I pressed the firing button.  There was an immediate response from my eight Browning which, to the accompaniment of a slight bucketing from my aircraft, spat a stream of lethal lead targetwards…”  (“Nine Lives” by Alan Deere; 1959; Pg 98)

De Wilde Ammunition

“The first burst was on target, the ‘De Wilde’ confirming my aim as it burst in yellow splotches along the starboard wing.”  (“Nine Lives” by Alan Deere; 1959; Pg 86-87)

“…the small dancing yellow flames of exploding ‘De Wilde’ bullets spattered along the Messerschmitt’s fuselage.”  (“Nine Lives” by Alan Deere; 1959; Pg 99)

Miscellaneous Sounds

“…either he or one of the 109s I had seen above dived on my port side and whipped past just above my cockpit.  He was so close that I heard his engine and felt the air-wave…”  (“Fighter Pilot” by Paul Richey; 1941; Pg 58)