Author Topic: bombing aid - navigating across the channel in CLOD  (Read 523 times)

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bombing aid - navigating across the channel in CLOD
« on: February 11, 2018, 11:24:08 pm »
S all
For those who wish to add bombing insults to the Hun's 303 injuries, here is a grid times/speed table which much improves the odds of arriving across the channel where you want to be.
I have tested the numbers in ACG public server and they work. And it is easy ..ish.

Our map grids are 6 x 6 miles . I checked.
I worked out how long it takes to cross the 6 miles at right angles (Nth or South) and at 45 degrees (NE-SW etc), for a range of speeds, and got this:

To turn ‘point 3 mins’ into seconds, just multiply by 6. 3.3 mins = 3m 18 sec. (3x6 = 18 in the 1940s)

If you are being vectored, be sure to check if your directions are grid or (more likely) magnetic, where you will need to SUBTRACT 10 degrees to give you the grid direction ( flying along a grid line horizontally to the right is 100 degrees magnetic - 90 deg true plus 10 deg magnetic declination. Heading straight up the map grid lines is 10 degrees mag. (Detailed explanation of this below is you are so inclined ... as I am :) )
Load a Blennie and try it out!
IMPORTANT NOTE - being a technological breakthrough, this table is for your eyes only, and any leaking of this will have you shot, or, if more severe punishment is deemed appropriate, you will clean Goshawk's cockpit and then be shot (the latter as an act of mercy.)

Magnetic declination in 1940 in southern England...
magnetic declination is the variation caused by the unevenness of Earth’s magnetic field (caused mostly by the irregularity of the semi molten mantle and its convection, which results in constant changes in declination over time.)
Link: Neat graphic of the changes over time:
Link: Even better one where you can pick your date to see the declination:
Link: All right then, you are still reading so here are pictures and moving images to tell the story :) ...

As you can see from the historical declination maps (if you looked!) in our patch of southern England in 1940 it was 11 degrees to the West of True north. (In Kent it was 10 degrees, in Penzance it was 12 degrees). In 2016 it reduced to about 2 deg, and in 2050, it will be pretty much the same as true north in the Slightly United Kingdom, so you can forget all this malarkey.

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Re: bombing aid - navigating across the channel in CLOD
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2018, 06:24:09 am »
Outstanding work on this Skewer. I ESPECIALLY like the part about getting my plane cleaned up.
This was a lot of work and I hope it becomes helpful knowledge to those trying their hands at bombing.
Thanks for taking the time to post this!
I think Recon has been doing quite a bit of it, so he should be paying close attention.

See you on Tuesday!


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