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@Wolf re: Coconuts
« on: February 12, 2018, 04:48:53 pm »
S! Wolf,

You were asking me about supply flights when flying Coconuts server.

First off, here’s the forum for Coconuts servers:

You will see a link to the manual he wrote, right near the top of the post.

On the subject of supply missions, here’s what I saw in the manual:

Players can fly supply flights using empty He111 or Pe-2, or the Ju52 with the cargo load-out. A supply flight normally follows these steps: take-off from well-supplied rear airfield, land and airfield in region in need, take-off again with the same plane and land back at the airfield of departure. Do not despawn at the front airfield unless you also want to transfer the plane there.

Hope that helps.

S! Rel