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109 V lagg3
« on: December 16, 2013, 04:16:39 am »
Well finally tried  it in expert mode  the 109 is incredible to fly guns and ammo are awesome flew in dogfight mode just went back and forth between airbase making mince meat out of the laggs even and ace lagg didn't stand a chance against my novice wingman.

I find the hardest thing is spotting ea aircraft in this winter map  had to wing up with the other 109 and followed him around so he could pick up the Laggs and lead me into visual range I think with this sim your going to need good wingmen there will very little second chances with the damage these guns are doing ( both sides).

Hopefully the La5 will provide the Allies with an equalizing air craft or its going to get old with every one flying 109s .
still cant land the Lagg without a ground loop at the  end of the roll out :'(

I can see the Lagg 3 being allocated ground attack support with the sturmovicks and La5s just for cover, would be nice to see p39 or p40 added in the future

Any way there's along way to go with this sim 35 % complete at the moment things are looking great .

I think the guys that bought the standard access get it on 20 th .

spent a lot of setting up  but its worth it

S! J

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Re: 109 V lagg3
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2013, 05:45:14 am »
I'm going to *try* to fly some this weekend.

Their limited access hours are a pain, but oh well - whatever it takes to make it a good sim!