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AJS-37 update coming
« on: June 14, 2018, 04:34:47 pm »
Changelog for the new 2.5.2 PG Beta patch:

- Fix to memory corruption issue causing inoperable HUD/ADI and other systems
- Fix to issue where flight plan speed would be ignored if force speed was set
- Fixes to auto trim and pitch stabilization
- Corrected Kneeboard, map is now visible
- Added missing image to NAV - tutorial mission
- Fix to TILS system when flying fast
- Corrections to rocket CCIP sight accuracy.
Here's the current, more comprehensive list:

Fix to high drag bombs not releasing when waypoint is last before L-Waypoint.
Various memory fixes
Fix to 'fälld last' and TAKT weapon status indication for BK90, RB-04, RB-05, RB-15, RB-24 (&J) and RB75
Fixed gunsight hysteresis
Rocked sight corrected for shallow dives
Fix to horizontal velocity sight calculations
Corrected erroneous exterior light intensities
Adjusted hubcap metalness & roughness for correct specularity response
Reexported all textures with corrected brightness levels for better dds compression
Increased intensity of paneltext and gauge backlighting
Corrected normal tangentspace issues due to UV borders
Removed red blotches in cockpit gauge glass reflections
Added wheel brake axis binding
Fuel not in X-Tank when spawning on Runway fixed
Enabled real-time mirror rendering
Completed first release candidate of final manual
Left horizontal panel needles are now properly backlit
Added realtime lighting to FLI ball for better visibility
Reduced intensity of low altitude warning light
Standby ADI is now self illuminated (gauge lighting)
Corrected Akku-Stakki livery: right wing now shows correct tac number
Significantly improved visual quality of glareshield area in external model


great, the lighting for instruments and radar suck !

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