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Does anyone still fly this, or does anyone planon getting IL-2: Flying Circus?

I haven’t flown it for a while - I wasn’t planning on getting FC, or at least not until it’s on massive sale.

I would not mind getting the flying circus, just wished they would have given us a better discount.

Also, is flying circus completely replacing rise of flight?

I’m still flying ROF and loving it!
I doubt I’ll buy FC unless I see a major difference.



I'm not sure ROPF is going to be supported in the future (my opinion only).  Hope so although I haven't flown it in a LONG time.

I do have Flying Cross.  I haven't flown it much, but from what I remember, they have a ways to go.  It seems like they fly a lot like WW2 planes, just slower.  Haven't ripped a wing off yet.

Still in early access, so who knows.


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