Author Topic: AKA DCS Multiplayer Direction meeting take away  (Read 105 times)

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AKA DCS Multiplayer Direction meeting take away
« on: October 05, 2018, 04:58:37 am »
Was a great meeting!

I think this is the take away correct me if I'm wrong

We will decide before each round of Blue Flag what side we will fly

Find a few aircraft you enjoy and will practice with.
(E.G. Blue F-18/F-15 Gazelle/Huey--- Red SU-27/ MI8)

We will need to assess the squad choices to make sure we are covered for all roles necessary (Although on blue I think were covered) 

We are going blue next round of "Blue Flag"

When a Blue Flag round is running we fight on flight nights (If it's down for some reason we switch to Training)

When a Blue flag round isn't active we train or coop PvE utilizing our server or the blue flag server.

Training will involve Wingman muti-ship tactics ,brevity ,and of course ground pounding.

We will start flying the F-5 in anticipation of flying on the cold war server....We will evaluate that situation as necessary.

One thing we didn't talk about was Comms ....I suggest we use our Teamspeak for main comms and Discord if there are issues with the main. I think we should make sure everyone who fly's DCS is familiar with how to use the discord chat before they need to use it so on war nights we aren't spending an hour getting comms setup. It's easy and there are several of us who can if your having issues.....

We will try to get SRS up and running

Did I miss anything?
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