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I now have a working HSFX 7.03!!

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So WheelsUpCAVU on M4T was kind enough to provide a link to an uncorrupted HSFX series download and I got it all installed and it booted just fine in stock 4.12.2, HSFX, and Expert modes. If we have any special mods we are using here can someone link me to them so I can get them going?

I've explained to some of you guys that I fly DCS as a CSAR Huey pilot on Sunday evenings, but I would like to take a night off, when my boat is in, and fly HSFX with you guys. What a game!! I've been with it from before Ace Expansion Pack was around, I LOVE 1946 series!!

~Rob aka AKA_Gunfighter (teehee!!)

Excellent news that you're up to date.

Please try to connect in multiplayer with the AKA server in IL-2 1946.
The address to use in the game for the test is:
Once you're able to connect OK to the practice server you can fly wherever and with whomever you wish.
You are free to join in with the ongoing campaign, flown on Sunday evenings, starting at 4:15 PM Pacific time. The mission runs for 3 hours. We called a truce in hostilities for this weekend due to the holiday, but next Sunday it's back to the normal bloodshed and mayhem.
If you can join in, you'll be flying with me, Taipan, Wayno, Ramstein, Agilehunter, Bucky, Skewer, Merc and Hangten. Big10 and MoGas may or may not attend. Please select the an Axis base when you fly in the campaign.
The multiplayer address for the campaign is:

When the campaign server is running, the practice server is disabled, otherwise the practice server runs 24/7.

Hope to see you there.


Am I not allowed to fly Allied for IL2 1946? I am kinda a US plane nerd and would prefer, if possible without upsetting the sides, to fly US iron with Brit planes as my second choice.

Also, it said I needed a password to join, but the server did appear to come up.


Also Gos the allied side are short handed and would welcome Gunfighter ...but I do think that we are changing sides soon so I don't know how long we have left on the Allied side anyway ?

does any one know the agreed amount of mission before turn over ?

S! J

Gunfighter, we are half-way through the first phase, when we are flying the Axis planes, then we switch sides and fly allied.
If you wish to fly allied planes right off the bat, you can go onto the allied side, but be advised you will be switching to the Axis planes and then have to fly the whole phase in the Axis planes at the end of the first phase.
Your choice.

Let me know.
Also the password to the server for both campaign and dogfight servers is in the email I sent today.



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