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One opinion on the benefits flying combat in VR



i can definitely relate. i get totally immersed in it and forget about the real world.

Do you have a VR headset?

i have tried it. i have glasses and it is difficult and my rig cannot use it to my satisfaction. i was more talking about DCS in general. large monitor, over ear headphones, trackir, and good controllers. i get thinking that mission is what i am doing and trying to accomplish at that moment and all the rest is irrelevant. i was a tank crewman in the army and during training i was the same way. be the best i can be and forget that i am going to have to wash the 65 ton pig after racing through the mud.

LOL/.  I know what you mean with respect to treating the mission as focusing on that and that alone.  All too often I find myself doing things reckelessly.  THAT is a bad habit.

I wear glasses as well.  My  presecritopion is farily mild and I got after market lens to go over the Rift lenes.  Works pretty good.

As for tanks, the VERY first computer game I got and fell in love with was Micropp[orse M1 Tank Ploatoon.  I have Steel Beast Professionall Personal Editon.  Haven't played in a while, but still love it.


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