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Big10 found these.

IL-2 Sturmovik Forum
Copy/Paste settings for best spotting! Rift, Odyssey,Odyssey+! *Up...
Updated 10.5 ### Please always match d3dx.ini version with the mods version. Please never transition an old d3dx.ini into a new mod version. ### Lefuneste fixed most things 3.007 has changed. There are still some issues with clouds. All praise be upon him! ### //redundant as …

Second file

IL-2 Sturmovik Forum

3Dmigoto mod : icon masked by cockpit, zoom for VR, color change, ...
WARNINGS NEVER MIX D3DX.INI FROM OLD VERSION WITH THE NEW ONE. IT WILL BRAKE MOST OF FUNCTIONS. THERE ARE NOW USER FILES TO KEEP YOUR SETTINGS. I move here the thread for the 3dmigoto mod for its latest version. Initially aimed for VR, it now includes feature that may be used...


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