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Postponments in our campaign

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Come on, this is getting a little ridiculous. This is taking forever with one mission a week now. Either go back to 2 a week or shortend them.

And this postponed cause of a football game is BS in my opinion, I don't give 2 cents for a football game.

 C:-)Are we going to postpone Sunday's mission for the Super bowl? I see no notice of it in my Attachments?

It was discussed among those flying the last mission and decided we would postpone due to family get-togethers planned for the game.

Regarding the shortening of the campaign, we discussed that as well and the next campaigns will be much shorter, and likely against majority AI aircraft with maybe one or two humans like we've done in the past.

Input is recommended so, don't hesitate to respectfully post your input.

Thanks to all who participate.


Good, Mo and I can fly opposition, sure every one would love that.  ::)

If that is what you would like, I'm sure it can be arranged.
Heaven help us all, however!!!




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