Author Topic: Rel, as i was trying to explain, my ISP user fiber optics and no modems  (Read 112 times)

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Rel, as I was trying to explain, my ISP user fiber optics and no modems. it goes directly to the home, and it goes into a box, converts it to a cable connections for the tv and computer. The computers needs a router, which either the ISP supplies, or buy your own. They have no ports on the equipment to your home. Only  ports are in the router.

"If your home already has an established fiber-optic connection, the setup will be much simpler. Homes without a current fiber network, however, will need to have new lines run to bring the fiber services in. Fiber-optic lines can be connected to your house either aerially — along existing telephone poles — or underground. While most aerial installations can be done the same day, an underground installation will require digging and may take a bit longer. Once the line is established, the technician will install your modem/terminal as the connection point for the fiber-optic cable. This terminal can vary in size, but most are roughly 7 inches high and 3 inches wide. It can be mounted in your house — usually in a garage or basement — or outdoors. As soon as the terminal is functional, you can then connect your wireless router and set up your Wi-Fi network".

My terminal is in the garage.

They also give me 100 mbs up/100 mbs down for the same price and normal speeds.

So, if the ports are set, then that leaves the software and the firewalls like windows and/or virus protection firewalls.

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Re: Rel, as i was trying to explain, my ISP user fiber optics and no modems
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Rgr that Ram, no worries, I didn't know about your set up, was just throwing out ideas.  Hopefully you can get others to see your hosted mission in DCS eventually....