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Spring BoX sale...
« on: April 17, 2019, 09:33:21 am »
If you don’t have BoK or are missing any collector planes, nows the time to pick them up :)

Dear Pilots,
The weather is warming up and the flowers are blooming, so it’s time to Spring into Action with our latest sale on Sturmovik products! Why be outside with all the pollen aggravating your allergies when you can be safely inside playing Sturmovik!?!? To help you fill up your virtual hangar we have the following content on sale in both the Official Store and on Steam for a limited time.
Official Store: April 12th to May 3rd
50% Off – P-40E-1, Mc.202, Fw-190 A-3, La-5 Series 8, Ju-52, La-5FN, Yak-1B, , Bf-109 G-6, HS-129 and Spitfire Mk.Vb
25% Off – U2-VS
33% Off – Battle of Kuban 
Steam Store: April 12th - April 26th
50% Off – P-40E-1, Mc.202, Fw-190 A-3, Ju-52, La-5FN, Yak-1B, La-5 Series 8, Bf-109 G-6, HS-129
25% Off – U2-VS
Due to special sale restrictions on Steam, the discount for Battle of Kuban is only available in the official store this time around.
If you own Battle of Stalingrad on Steam and would like to buy additional content from the Official Store, you can link both accounts and have access to all content when you play. See linkage guide HERE.
The Sturmovik Team