Author Topic: What is Top Hook and Carrier Opertions qualification.  (Read 53 times)

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What is Top Hook and Carrier Opertions qualification.
« on: May 05, 2019, 12:28:27 pm »
Lately several of us have been flying Banklers' Carrier Operations mission (See Sticky above for link.

This is a DCS mission that will grade you flying a case 1 pattern in either the F-14B and the F/A-18C.  It has 12 different things that it grads you on with a perfect score being 75.When wee first started we that getting a score of 40+ was pretty darn good.  Now. Bit10, Mogas, Dino, and Topgun regularly get in the moid-50s to low-60s.  Me, I am sill bouncy between low 40s and high 50s.

Anyway we decided to hold a contest and award "Top Hook" honors to who ever had the highest total for three consecutive runs.   Last night was our first event. 

Basic rules of the contest.

1 - Highest total score fore three conseative runs wins
2 - Start out behind the boat at 4 miles.
3 - Maintain sufficent speration between you and the person that is in the pattern ahead of you. DO NOT CROWD the base/final/grove.  If ther person infront of you goes long, you get to eat it, or call a wave off and go around.  Gerneall this is ensured if you break 15 -18 seconds after the person in front of you or if you are 180 degrees from then (You are on the upwind abem th ship when they are abeam the ship on the downwind)
4.  MINIMUM Comms.  Call the Main points - At the 4 mile, at the Breack, turning base, and on the final.
5 - This will rotate on a bi-weekly basis, starting with the 14, then rotating to the 18
6 -  HAVE FUN!!

As I said last night was our first try at this.  It worked well.  It was impressive to see 5 people flying the pattern, catching a wire, clearing the deck WITHOUT delyas or mishaps (besides me going over the side after I had caught a wire).

Also what spun out of this is that I declered that pilots that can average a score of 45 over three runs are Carrier qulified.  SO Shoot me a screen shot with three traps that average greater than 45 each (only one bolter) and I will tag you as Carrier Qualified.

So what do you win?  Braggin rights, the rights to act at LSO for the next round, and the right to harrase the toher memebers whenthey are trying to land.

Also, your name will be taged with the role of Top Hood and show as green in the Discord channel.  Carrier Qulalified peolple show as blue.

ANy way we all found it FUN as heck and would like to see all participate!!.  Next contest will be may the 18th in the F/A-18.

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