Author Topic: PointCTRL - A device to inteact with 3D cockpit in VR  (Read 78 times)

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PointCTRL - A device to inteact with 3D cockpit in VR
« on: July 26, 2019, 10:00:51 pm »
PointCTRL  -

What is it.  It is a devise primarily for VR users to interact with 3D cockpits. It emulates a mouse and has the left button, right button, and a way to simulate the mouse wheel.  Flip switches, interact with the MFDs, raise the gear, and anything like that in the cockpit.  It was developed specifically for DCS, but some have used it in X-Plane and Prepared 3d.  At some point I will try it in X-plane 11 and Elite Dangerous.

1)   Do I like it.
I think so, but like anything else time will tell.  The first two week I had Track IR< I hated it.  After that, I couldn’t live without it.  Same with the VR head set.  The firs ttwo week sI had it, I wasn’t sure that the emersion overrode the loss in resolution.  Now, there is no question that the emersion wins (for me).

2)   Does it increase immersion.
Again, I think it will once I full get used to using it.  One thing that will take time and use is learning which button to press when.  Right now, I have to stop and think which button is the “Left” mouse button and which is the “right”.  Overtime I think this will be “muscle memory”.  It does have a lot of potential.  Is it like flipping real switches with your fingers, or pressing the buttons on TM MFDs.  No, but it comes close is some respects.  You can calibrate it so that you point your finger where you perceive the button to be in the 3D cockpit and them click the button.  This actually gives some feedback similar to flicking a switch.  It is more immersive than moving the mouse and clicking on the button.

So far I have flown using it for about 3 hours, mostly in the FA-18C.  A few times I did revert to using the mouse because it was faster and more efficient since I am familiar with how to control the mouse.  It will take time for it to become second nature in pressing the right button, but I do think it will come with use.  I did use it for several different functions and am starting to get the hang of it.  I did use it to program the counter measures in the FA-18.  It took some time and my arm got tired from having to hold it out so long.

I also jumped in the Ka-50 to try a few thinks.  One think that was VERY clear is that I will need to relearn a LOT of things.  Before I just remembered what buttons to push for certain functions. Now to interact with the ABRIS map and such, I will need to know the system in more detail.  I think that will increase the knowledge of the aircraft even more.

PointCTTRL is still in early distribution (I got unit #21) so there are still some issues being worked out.  It is clearly an enthusiast device; in that you will need to tinker with it. 

I’ll try and keep you posted on how it goes.

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