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Come fly 1946 for a good fight


S! All,
1946 has been rekindled with supply, fuel, and aircraft at our forward base so ferry flights won't be needed.
That means more sorties, more targets, more kills.

Also, TWC Squadron has a few guys who may come and join us as well

Come give it a try on Tuesdays at 2030 Eastern.

S! Agile

Hey Agile - speaking of, I went and refilled the stocks and fuel at Segi, and bumped up a few aircraft there so you'll have good inventory again.

S! Rel

Sorry Agile when I get home out this heat, I just don't feel like flying.

It looks like there was no one available to start the server at the normal time (I was out at the time).  I'm back, but it looks like things shifted to the AKA BOX server.


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