Author Topic: Was shocked to get 800 points and wasn't killed once tonight during mission  (Read 534 times)

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At one point, my BF 109 Erla ran out of gas... and I was a long way from a friendly base, was at about 2,000 feet altitude,, couldn't see a base, and glided into Winoden area, but it was still too far to land on the runway,, had to make it past the Oleg trees while speed was bleeding off... put the gear down,,, between the Oleg trees and a river,, but still several hundred feet short,, but apparently was close enough so that when the plane came to a stop it gave me credit for landing at the base... navigating the center of the map from down low takes a lot of thinking.. as  I never did print the map and just think of the coordinates, landmarks and geometry to get around.. Only mistake is when I took off a mission or more in the past was not taking the extra nose cannon on the BF109, but always try to remember the extra weight is well worth the extra firepower.. but the BF109 sucks a lot of gas and have to keep watching that gauge... never keep flying away from base with 1/4 or less of a tank in the BF109... but what a great plane,, it will outrun just about anything Russian.... on the deck or up high... and you can fire at a very long distance and hit a target... IMHO  ;)

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