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Oct 27 Mission to be flown Sept3rd

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S! All,,

No one to start 1946 server, so we will go again Sept 3rd.



My apologies to all, but there is a somewhat good reason for my failure to start and stop the server as Taipan requested me to do.
As you all know, on July 31, three days before my daughter's wedding, I was involved in a bicycle accident in which I injured my cl joint of my right scapula/shoulder, bruised several ribs, possibly damaged the cartilage of my clavicle and bruised the tissue attaching my ribs to my sternum. I also struck the right side and rear of my helmet, damaging the helmet, but not hitting my head directly on the pavement where I fell. I was transported to the ER where the doctor diagnosed me with bruised tissue and a possible separated cl-joint.
I had pulled muscles in my neck for a few weeks, but found I could do many of the tasks I had been able to do prior to the crash. So, over the course of the first couple weeks, the bruises healed and the shoulder was getting a lot better, but I started developing some curious symptoms, that became progressively worse during the past 4-6 days. I was losing my gait, losing balance, developing a problem with confusion and unable to lift my left leg for more than a few seconds at a time, which made it almost impossible to put on even shorts and shoes.
Karen convinced me to go to my doctor's office yesterday after she noticed the same symptoms, although I was pretty sure there was nothing really wrong and the symptoms would clear up with a few days time.
My doctor did some evaluations and sent me back to the ER to have an MRI. What was not initially diagnosed on my first visit was a subdural hematoma where I struck my head. in which a brain bleed was discovered. I went directly in for brain surgery and was unable to make contact with anyone in regard to the mission.
I'm really sorry I did not get the mission started and hope this does not continue to be a problem. I spent the night in the CCU and was released this afternoon with a bunch of cool staples (12-13) in my scalp. My symptoms have cleared up.

On a somewhat (?) positive note, however, during the MRI, it was discovered that not only did I have a hematoma, I also have a small possible melanoma lesion on my right eye orbit, which should get biopsied later this week. Hopefully it's not real serious, and maybe even benign. In any case, if it turns out to be malignant, I'll need surgery for that too.

In the meantime, I'm willing to provide instruction and passwords to those planners who want to be able to start and stop the server for future unforeseen events.

Let me know.


Gees Gos!

So sorry to hear about all your issues! Glad to see you can still make a post even so soon after surgery! Good to know your symptoms are clearing up too!

No worries man, just get better soon!

We are all rooting for your continued improvement ! :)

As to the other thing, well lets wait and see first. You are not getting off that easy now ;)

Remember Gos, chicks dig scars.

What caused your bike accident?


Why the heck did that helmet not protect your head better.!??

WE are all hoping your Biopsy goes smoothly Gos!

It must have been a real doosey of a fall, Gees! 
Glad you are a tough ombre!


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