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401 Server 5/29/2014
« on: May 29, 2014, 09:14:22 pm »
Wiley, Bucky, Blasto, and I flew on 401 tonight, it was fun to see Wolverine join us.  We had 2 runs at the shipping yards at LeTreport. 

Second sortie, Wolverine flew a Blenheim with me - I took the lead.  Wiley and Blasto escorted us.  They encountered an enemy group near the target and kept them away from us.

We managed to drop our bombs at around 9000-10000 feet.  I was lead so I called out my drop and Wolverine, who was glued to my wing dropped as well.  We did some light damage, and sank a ship - thanks to the recon of the area by Wiley and Blasto.

Unfortunately, Wiley took a bullet while helping us evaluate the target damage.

Wolverine and I recovered at Wilmington intact, with no damage (or slight, Wolverine mentioned he might have taken a shot ,but I think he had no problem staying with me at 3 boost and 50% rads on the trip back to RedHill).

There is an immersion factor on the 401 server that reminds us of the fun days of coops as AKA - I have good memories of Clutter, etc... leading us to hit some targets.

Good fun - hope to see more of you online to join us - with a larger flight of Blenheims and some good escort to shield us from the nasty Germans we could have some more fun.

Glad to see Bucky, Wiley , and Blasto join up!

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Re: 401 Server 5/29/2014
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2014, 11:15:11 pm »
 Recon_Good fun! Although  I showed up later..We  did have s good time. I blasted a aaa gun @ Le_Havre_and escorted Wiley until he dropped both out of the game and TS...poss NIC Too bad I didn't find and destroy the  " 17" fighters that were looking for you  guys.  Hope to catch you guys Sat. 8:30_EST-for mission 9PM EST..... B _thr-or_B_square.....

S!~-Blasto     8)

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