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7/3 AAR
« on: July 04, 2014, 04:46:03 am »
Continued fun on ATAG FallRot map tonight - didn't see any AKA comms (it was later) but later found Mo on ATAG TS.   I ended up flying a 109e1 on a sortie - took a nice trip down to LeHarve to look for any Spits taking off.  Ended up find a low Blenny - I swooped down on him a few times and had him hurting pretty bad.  Was wishing I had a e3 cannon for that one :)

I didn't want to risk a death so I climbed back up - as I did, a Spitfire was landing - and I strafed him on the ground.

1 sortie, 2 confirmed heavily damaged

Was fun listening to Trademe, Godfather, etc... on comms as they took a Ju88 up, took out 1-1/2 airfields in one sortie