Author Topic: 7/12 AAR (12s/11k)  (Read 423 times)

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7/12 AAR (12s/11k)
« on: July 13, 2014, 05:16:21 am »
Last night was our weekly 401 Saturday night mission.  We had two separate flights, the one in which we were assigned was to escort a flight of Wellingtons to hit the oil/fuel target deep into France.

Four AKA pilots, Jericho, Wiley, Bucky, and I helped support the 401 with Wolverine and Badfinger.   Bucky, Wolve, and Badfinger took low cover, while the rest of us took high cover. 

In a quick encounter early on, Wolverine set a 109 on fire and into the drink, and Bucky shot another 109, leaving him smoking and limping home - splash two.

After the Wellingtons completely destroyed the target, we escorted them back home... Jericho started to have engine troubles where he just couldn't keep the speed and started drifting behind.  After we passed over Ligescourt and went feet wet, not too much longer we started getting reports of 109s - scramble!   I stayed with the bomber group, Wiley went back to try to help Jericho - but eventually Jericho had to bail 5km off the France shoreline and drowned.  Meanwhile, several Germans tried making one high speed passes on our low bomber escorts - they missed and flew back to France, I followed for a bit but didn't want to leave the bombers so I turned back around.

Landed successfully at home.

(streak count: sortie 12, no kills - currently at 12s/11kills)