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Request to switch sides


I'd like to switch sides and fly with Jericho and gang.

I can't guarantee much considering Friday and Sunday nights can be tough to get too - but I'll try

It will have to wait until the start of the next phase. We are about to fly our last mission of Phase 1 on Friday. I've also been informed that there may be some additional assistance for you and Jer from the 455th squadron. Ziggy will be able to fly at least once per week and there may be others from his group as well. They may need to get updated to version 6.0.17, but I'm helping with that.
I'll keep you posted.
The 455th is an Australian squadron.


Our attendance is going to be fairly erratic, almost as erratic as our flying is.

I think Riposan has finished the second install (to 6.0.17) - once he has it rolling we will all be able to switch over. We will probably use that version when we fly amongst ourselves, just to reduce fuckups.

I believe that there will be a couple of us logging on this friday (well Saturday morning here in paradise) for the start of the thing. I believe that we will be flying as Yanks for you. Do we know which models (so we can spin them up for practise)

Check the other link. I posted a list there.


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