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Cliffs of Dover servers and Campaigns
« on: January 26, 2015, 11:40:03 am »
I just wanted to outline the different servers and campaigns which are currently running in COD that our regular COD pilots enjoy.

First off is ATAG (the Air Tactical Assault Group), which is the main dogfight server for COD, their website, is also the main community hub for COD now. The first server will have between 20 and 50+ pilots during the evening hours and 40 to 90 on the weekends especially afternoons and is strictly human vs human. ATAG has a second server which includes AI aircraft, but it is not populated very often. ATAG also does short campaigns every now and then. Their server is a great place to test your dogfighting skills as you will always see action.

The second server that is good is SOW (Storm of War), this server does both special events such as their Sunday campaigns and has an open DF server which has AI aircraft and Objectives (same server). One interesting aspect to note, there is an Aircraft supply system and squadron assigned airfields that is persistent between the open DF server and the special events, what that means is for our airfield, Rodchester, if we run out of a particular aircraft during the week, when the special event campaign mission comes up that aircraft will not be available at our airfield (very cool). There is a signup process, and here is a post on how to do it,    SOW tries to give a very authentic Battle of Britain experience especially the special events.

Third is the 401 server, "Warfront" which is a Bellum (from 1946) style dynamic ground war where by killing ground units you can take territory and move the front line all while the server continues to run. it is a fun server for quick ground pounding missions. The 401 squadron also runs campaign missions were each, side can call up AI raids or defend against raids.

Lastly is the upcoming Ghost Skies, which is being done by our old friend Stecher. He has taken a dynamic campaign engine and has extensively reworked it to try and replicate Ghost Skies for COD. GS for 1946 is an offshoot from the Forgotten Skies engine;  once he gets the new dynamic campaign engine running the way he wants it for COD it should provide a really fun campaign experience similar to the 1946 campaign that we run now but with some changes of course and enhancements like having to land your plane within a certain amount of time if you are wounded. I don't know when it will launch (though it should be soon) but I will keep you all informed.

I will post the TS info for these Servers at some point.

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