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Philippines Phase 1 stats are posted.

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Click the link for the campaign on the banner located at the bottom of the squadron's home page.


Just curious, why are deaths not posted?  Personally, I like to see my efficiency by comparing my ratio of kills or ground per death.

Several times now I have requested specific clearance to access your grounds crew. All without response from you.


Now you want me to go figure out all the ratios of kills to sorties?

What next?


Let me know specifically what it is you want and I'll try to get it figured for you.

Now, about that grounds crew


 ;D ;D ;D

You don't have to figure out stuff.  I would just like to know the number of times I have died.  It helps me gauge my effectiveness.  In other words, if I shoot down 40 planes, but die 60 times, well then I am not really doing much good am I?   :o

I take particular pride in being able to land damaged planes at a very high rate and finish missions successfully.  I was sort of puzzled that the stat was not included on the page, that's all. 

As far as the ground crew, I lock them up at night, so yo won't be able to get to them!

Forget about your grounds crew then! Keep 'em!
If you look at the stats page, you will see that your missions are posted as well as the individual sortie stats. It's relatively easy to figure out your efficiency stat by taking your total of sorties flown and divide the numbers of kills to get the avg kills per sortie, the number of deaths to get the average deaths per sortie, as well as the overall proficiency rating for points per sortie. If you want, you can then do it for everyone and see how you scored on the average for all pilots. I used to try and do that, but it became a couple days worth of math to do it for everyone and too time consuming.
I've attached the spreadsheet with everyone's stats. If you sort it by pilot, you can single out yours.
It's a piece of cake!

P.S. But just between you and me, it looks like you were shot down in about 51% of your total sorties. Mind you, that's just a quick hawk-eyed scan.


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