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update from Beaker
« on: March 19, 2015, 04:56:44 pm »
I got this email from Beaker and informed him I would post it for your edification.

Hi Gos,
Its been years since we've contacted.  I'm still in Asia, so am not really able to participate with you gents in the Americas, 12-13 hrs time differences vs. US EST.
But, I just came across an article from a NASA blog I receive which the community might have interest in.  My thoughts, since they are looking for joint development partners, would be games developers, Chinese front company for the PLA-AF, or both since they do develop games in China.
Here's to looking for extremely deadly AI foes in the future.
My thoughts, as an engineer who has worked on calibrations at one time, sensors can feed air density macro and local <top and bottom of wing surfaces??> to give the AI inputs which a human cannot process.  It would be amazing to see how really smart guys handle taking the initiative from reacting to the opponents, and how to process a furball.

"Death from above"